COVID-19 and the informalization of food vending in China

Taiyang Zhong and Steffanie Scott

Protecting informal economy workers in time of COVID-19

Anders Gerdin and Alexandre Kolev

The COVID-19 crisis: income support to informal workers

Laura Alfers,  Rachel Moussié and Jenna Harvey

The poor lose again: impact of Covid-19 on Africa

Jakkie Cilliers, Marius Oosthuizen, Stellah Kwasi, Kelly Alexander, TK Pooe, Kouassi Yeboua, and Jonathan Moyer

COVID-19 and the wet market revolution in China

Taiyang Zhong and Jonathan Crush

COVID-19 and the future of informal sector work

Louise Fox and Landry Signé

COVID-19, tax breaks and the informal economy

Max Gallien and Vanessa van den Boogaard

COVID-19 border policies, trade and economic pain

Antoine Bouët and David Laborde

COVID-19 and a ‘new deal’ for Asia’s informal workers

Changyong Rhee and Era Dabla-Norris

Covid-19 spreads through Latin America’s markets

Dan Collyns, Joe Parkin Daniels, Dom Phillips and David Agren

Including the informal economy in policy responses to COVID-19

Gemechu Ayana Aga, Filip Jolevski and Silvia Muzi

Containing COVID-19’s impact on informal women workers

Rachel Moussié and Silke Staab

For world’s street vendors, life may never be the same after COVID-19

Pilar Balbuena and Caroline Skinner

A very broken food system

Jennifer Clapp

Coronavirus risks worsening a food crisis in the Sahel and West Africa

Leena Koni Hoffman and Paul Melly

Averting a COVID-19 disaster in Malawi and building back better

Steve Schmida and Emily Clayton

Mozambique’s response to COVID-19: Challenges and questions

Miguel Angel Jimenez and Egas Daniel

Hunger numbers: Millions need food

Greg Nicolson

COVID-19, floods and locusts in Kenya

Elizabeth Onyango

Beyond Lockdown: Africa’s Options for Responding to COVID-19

Ben Shepherd and Nina van der Mark

COVID–19 and the Global South

Jonathan Crush, Ann Fitz-Gerald, Hallelujah Lulie, Briony Jones, Anja Osei, Shirin Rai, and Rachel Robinson

Preventing a COVID-19 food crisis

Carmen Reinhart and Rob Subbaraman

Why gender matters in COVID-19 responses

Agnes Quisumbing, Neha Kumar, Ruth Meinzen-Dick and Claudia Ringler

COVID-19 is a health crisis and a looming food catastrophe

Wandile Sihlobo and Tinashe Kapuya

A pandemic of hunger

Esther Ngumbi

COVID-19 Food Price Monitor and warning signs of stress in local markets

Maule Hernandez, Soonho Kim, Brendan Rice and Rob Vos

COVID-19 and Argentine agriculture

Juan Manuel Villulla

Effects of COVID-19 on employment in Latin America and the Caribbean

Álvaro Altamirano Montoya, Oliver Azuara and Stephanie González Rubio

Latin America and the Caribbean in the time of COVID-19

Federico Bonaglia and Sebastian Nieto Parra

COVID-19, the Caribbean crisis

Diether W. Beuermann, Laura Giles Álvarez, Bridget Hoffmann and Diego Vera-Cossio

Covid-19, food security and emergency aid in Brazil

Stéphane Guéneau and Catia Grisa

COVID-19 amplifies dismantling of food security policies in Brazil

Stéphane Guéneau and Paulo Niederle

South Africa’s gig drivers left alone at the wheel

Mohammad Amir Anwar

Government COVID-19 guidelines gamble on the lives of migrant agricultural workers

C. Susana Caxaj, Amy Cohen, Carlos Colindres, Natalie Drolet,  Jenna L. Hennebry and Janet McLaughlin

Migrant domestic workers: Their COVID-19 burdens

Margareth Sembiring

One size fits all? Why lockdowns might not be Africa’s best bet

James Fairhead and Melissa Leach

Covid-19 in Africa: Navigating short and long term strategies

Marlous van Waijenburg and Ewout Frankema

Why gender-sensitive social protection is critical to the COVID-19 response

Melissa Hidrobo, Neha Kumar, Tai Palermo, Amber Peterman and Shalini Roy

The COVID-19 nutrition crisis: What to expect and how to protect

Derek Headey and Marie Ruel

Cash and food – not more soldiers

Ruth Hall

Poverty and food insecurity could grow dramatically as COVID-19 spreads

David Laborde, Will Martin and Rob Vos

A financial rather than a health crisis: Indian migrants in the Gulf

S. Irudaya Rajan and H. Arokkiaraj

Pandemic geography: What happens where

Simon Dalby

Containing COVID19 impacts on Indian agriculture

Peter Carberry and Arabinda Kumar Padhee

Lockdowns threaten childrens’ nutrition: Why extra care is needed

Coretta Jonah, Julian May and Winnie Sambu

Will COVID-19 cause another food crisis?

Johan Swinnen

Haiti’s gendered internal food economy in the COVID-19 era

Jennifer Vansteenkiste and Widley Presendieu

Hidden hunger and the COVID-19 pandemic

Saskia Osendarp, Aynsley Morris and Reed Atkin

Covid-19: Inequality and violence

Raymond Suttner

Wars kill people, fighting epidemics saves them

Steven Friedman

The hidden cost of a pandemic

Niharika Yadav and Deepanshu Mohan

Preventing global food crisis caused by COVID-19

Felippa Ann Amanta

Coronavirus threat looms large for low-income cities

Eric Fèvre and Cecilia Tacoli

How COVID-19 may disrupt food supply chains in developing countries

Thomas Reardon, Marc F. Bellemare and David Zilberman

Will COVID-19 Keep Out of Africa?

Jonathan Crush
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