Publications: Book Chapters

The Role of Law and Litigation in Street Trader Livelihoods

Caroline Skinner

2017. In A. Brown (ed.), Rebel Streets, Informal Economies and the Law (London: Routledge). This book explores the challenges faced by informal economy actors, with a particular focus on street vending. It offers a conceptual framework for relationship between law, rights, and space for the informal economy, the contest between traditional, modernist and rights-based approaches to development, and…

Epistemological Practices of Southern Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

2016. In W. Ding, A. Graafland and A. Lu (eds.), Cities in Transition II. Power, Environment, Society (Rotterdam: nai010 Publishers). Cities in Transition investigates the recent urban and political-economic developments in North America, South America, Europe, South Africa and China. It features contributions by 30 experts in the field, including Saskia Sassen, Fulong Wu, M. Christine Boyer,…

Planning, Modernism and the Challenge of Enduring Urban Segregation

Susan Parnell and Owen Crankshaw

In V. Kaufmann (ed.) Cities in Translation: Interdiscipinarity in Urban Studies (London: Routledge). Cities are a highly fragmented, heterogeneous subject; those who study, ana- lyze and question it make a use of a variety of disciplines and methods and have different areas of expertise. How is a dialogue built between heterogeneous urban contexts and urban…

Industrial Livestock and the Ecological Hoofprint: Inequality, Degradation, and Violence

Tony Weis

2016. In The Routledge Handbook on Rural Studies (London: Routledge), pp. 205-214. Rural societies around the world are changing in fundamental ways, both at their own initiative and in response to external forces. The Routledge International Handbook of Rural Studies examines the organisation and transformation of rural society in more developed regions of the world, taking an…

Participatory Paradoxes: Global Urban Policy in the Post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda

Susan Parnell

2016. In Y. Beebeejan (ed.), The Participatory City (Berlin: Jovis), pp. 14-23. “Participation” has been a pivotal focus of urban studies since the 1960s. However, it is only over the last decade that new research aspects and critical debates on this subject have emerged across a wide range of disciplines. The changing role of planners, the…

Making Cities Fair

Susan Parnell

2016. In D. Simon (ed.), Rethinking Sustainable Cities (Bristol: Policy Press). Sustainable urbanisation has moved to the forefront of global debate, research and policy agendas over recent years. Rapid urbanisation throughout China, India and many other low and middle income countries poses new challenges both locally and internationally at a time when urban areas worldwide are…

Thinking About Cities: From Africa

Susan Parnell

2016. In A. Kelly and M. Kelly (eds.), Festival of the Future City (Bristol: Cultural Development Partnership), pp. 174-175.

Agroecological Farming and Soil Rehabilitation

Gareth Haysom

2016. In M. Swilling, J. Musango and J. Wakeford (eds), Greening the South African Economy (Cape Town: UCT Press). The depletion of South Africa’s (and in some cases the world’s) natural resources and the degradation of environmental sinks (including the atmosphere, lakes and rivers, and land) are continuing at such a rate that natural resource prices…


Edgar Pieterse

2015. In R. Paddison and T. Hutton (eds.), Cities and Economic Change: Restructuring and Dislocation in the Global Metropolis (Los Angeles: Sage). Cities and Economic change is a much-needed textbook, combining a sound theoretical grounding with an empirical overview of the urban economy. Specific references are made to key emergent processes and debates including splintered labour markets,…

A Political Ecology Approach to Industrial Food Production

Tony Weis

2015. In Mustafa Koç, ‎Jennifer Sumner and ‎Tony Winson (eds.), Critical Perspectives in Food Studies, 2nd edition (Toronto: Oxford University Press). pp. 104-121 This chapter has examined the hidden environmental costs of cheap food by focusing on the industrial grain-oilseed-livestock complex, the productive foundation of the food system in the United States, Canada, and other temperate countries.…