Thinking About Cities: From Africa

Susan Parnell

Food Security Amongst Urban Households

Jane Battersby

Epistemological Practices of Southern Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

Gendering Urban Food Systems Across Multiple Scales

Liam Riley and Alice Hovorka

Africa’s Urban Imperative

Edgar Pieterse

Building Sustainable Communities Through Alternative Food Systems

Alison Blay-Palmer and Irena Knezevic

Reaching for Adaptive Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

Poverty and “The City”

Susan Parnell

Planning, Modernism and the Challenge of Enduring Urban Segregation

Susan Parnell and Owen Crankshaw

Food Systems and the City

Alison Blay-Palmer and Karen Landman

Urban Informality and Migrant Entrepreneurship in South Africa

Jonathan Crush, Abel Chikanda & Caroline Skinner


Edgar Pieterse

Food Security and Gender

Belinda Dodson & Alison Goebel

Citizenship, Design Activism and Informal Settlements Upgrading

Edgar Pieterse & Mirjam van Donk

Institutions, Decentralisation and Urban Development

Edgar Pieterse and Warren Smit

Feeding African Cities: The Growing Challenge of Urban Food Insecurity

Jonathan Crush & Bruce Frayne

Sub-Saharan African Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

Susan Parnell & Ruwani Walawege
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