Seeking Common Ground for Food Systems Transformation

Alison Blay-Palmer, I. Knezevic, and A. Spring

Carbon Flow of Urban System and Its Policy Implications: The Case of Nanjing

Rongqin Zhao, Xianjin Huang, Taiyang Zhong, Ying Liu & Xiaowei Chuai

Gendered Mobilities and Food Access in Blantyre, Malawi

Liam Riley & Belinda Dodson

Migrant Windhoek: Rural–Urban Migration and Food Security in Namibia

Wade Pendleton, Jonathan Crush & Ndeyapo Nickanor

Urbanization, Nutrition and Development in Southern African Cities

Bruce Frayne, Jonathan Crush & Milla McLachlan

City Without Choice: Urban Food Insecurity in Msunduzi, South Africa

Jonathan Crush and Mary Caesar

Africa’s Urban Food Deserts

Jane Battersby and Jonathan Crush

Making the Sustainable Development Goals Operational through an Urban Agenda: Perspectives from Science

Susan Parnell, José Siri, Thomas Elmqvist, Peter Marcotullio, Anthony Capon, Aromar Revi, Jo Ivey Boufford

Urban Carbon Footprint and Carbon Cycle Pressure: The Case Study of Nanjing

Zhao Rongqin, Huang Xianjin, Liu Ying, Taiyang Zhong, Minglei Ding, Xiaowei Chuai

Comparative Urban Food Geographies in Blantyre and Gaborone

Liam Riley & Alexander Legwegoh
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