Urban Shocks: The Relationship Between Food Prices and Food Security in Lesotho

Cameron McCordic, Jonathan Crush, Bruce Frayne

African Dreams: Locating Urban Infrastructure in the 2030 Sustainable Developmental Agenda

Sue Parnell, Edgar Pieterse, Gareth Haysom

Building a Global Urban Science

Michele Acuto, Susan Parnell, Karen C. Seto

Urbanization in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities for Conservation

Burak Güneralp, Shuaib Lwasa, Hillary Masundire, Susan Parnell, Karen C Seto

Food Remittances and Food Security: A Review

Jonathan Crush, Mary Caesar

Africa’s Urban Adaptation Transformation Pathways Under a 1.5°C Climate Change

Mark Pelling, Hayley Leck, Lorena Pasquini, Idowu Ajibade, Emanuel Osuteye, Susan Parnell, Shuaib Lwasa, Cassidy Johnson, Arabella Fraser, Alejandro Barcena, Soumana Boubacar

Food Safety in Urban China: Perceptions and Coping Strategies of Residents in Nanjing

Zhenzhong Si, Jenelle Regnier-Davies, Steffanie Scott

Linking Harare and Johannesburg Through Informal Cross-border Entrepreneurship

Godfrey Tawodzera, Abel Chikanda

The Owners of Xenophobia: Zimbabwean Informal Enterprise and Xenophobic Violence in South Africa

Jonathan Crush, Godfrey Tawodzera, Abel Chikanda, Daniel Tevera

Urban Health in Africa: Intersectoral Learning and Action to Address Non-communicable Diseases

Jo Hunter-Adams, Blaise Nguendo Yongsi, Kafui Dzasi, Susan Parnell, Jo Ivey Boufford, Edgar Pieterse et al.

The Effect of Land Use Planning (2006–2020) on Construction Land Growth in China

Yan Zhou, Xianjin Huang, Yi Chen, Taiyang Zhong, Guoliang Xu, Jinliao He, Yuting Xu, Hao Meng

Introduction: Cultivating the Migration-Food Security Nexus

Jonathan Crush, Mary Caesar

Food Price, Food Security and Dietary Diversity: A Comparative Study of Urban Cameroon and Ghana

Krishna Bahadur KC, Alexander F. Legwegoh, Alex Therien, Evan D.G. Fraser, Philip Antwi‐Agyei

Refugee Entrepreneurial Economics in Urban South Africa

Jonathan Crush, Godfrey Tawodzera, Cameron McCordic, Sujata Ramachandran and Robertson Tengeh

Security Risk and Xenophobia in the Urban Informal Sector

Sujata Ramachandran, Jonathan Crush and Godfrey Tawodzera

Urban Agriculture and Urban Food Insecurity in Maseru, Lesotho

Jonathan Crush, Bruce Frayne, Cameron McCordic

Intersectional Identities: Food, Space and Gender in Urban Malawi

Liam Riley, Belinda Dodson

Environmental Impacts and Production Performances of Organic Agriculture in China: A Monetary Valuation

Fanqiao Meng, Yuhui Qiao, Wenliang Wu, Peter Smith, Steffanie Scott
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