Publications: Theses

Planning for Urban Food Security: Leveraging the Contribution of Informal Trade in the Case of Bellville Station Precinct

Robyn Park-Ross

Master Thesis, University of Cape Town South African cities, similarly to other cities across the Global South, experience high levels of food insecurity. Urban food insecurity is particularly prevalent in low income households, with 72% of households in low-income urban areas in Cape Town identified as food insecure in a 2013 African Food Security Network…

Rethinking Resilient Urban Food Systems: Vulnerability to Food Insecurity as a Consequence of Drought – the Case of Cape Town

Mira Berger

Master Thesis, Utrecht University The current rapid global urbanisation makes achieving food secure cities a growing challenge, sharpened by the connected and worsening issues of inequality and climate change. Economic shifts towards concentrated and corporate food systems are thought to increase the vulnerability of cities to climate related risks. The issue remains largely underresearched due a…

The Impact of Infrastructure on Urban Household Vulnerability to Food Security in Maputo

Cameron McCordic

PhD Thesis, University of Waterloo Infrastructure is an important foundation for urban sustainability. Infrastructure includes both a system of institutions like banks and hospitals (known as social infrastructure) and a network of physical utilities like water and power grids (known as physical infrastructure). Social infrastructure allows households to access social services while physical infrastructure allows…