Rethinking Resilient Urban Food Systems: Vulnerability to Food Insecurity as a Consequence of Drought – the Case of Cape Town

Mira Berger

– Master Thesis – 

The current rapid global urbanisation makes achieving food secure cities a growing challenge, sharpened by the connected and worsening issues of inequality and climate change. Economic shifts towards concentrated and corporate food systems are thought to increase the vulnerability of cities to climate related risks. The issue remains largely underresearched due a lack of knowledge of where food in cities is sourced from and how shock-prone these food flows are. By tracing food flows for five key food items to the city of Cape Town and using the drought of 2015-2017 as a lens, the research helps to understand and identify what processes shape vulnerability to food insecurity as a consequence of drought and what role economic shifts and power play. The paper calls on academics and policy makers to rethink the concept of resilient urban food systems available today.

Utrecht University

Featured City: Cape Town, South Africa

Featured Country: South Africa

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