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Developing Prosperous and Inclusive Cities in Africa – National Urban Policies to the Rescue?

Anton Cartwright, Edgar Pieterse, Ian Palmer, Anna Taylor, Susan Parnell

2018. London and Washington, DC. African cities will continue to expand—with or without government support. But strategic development of urban areas can ensure that rapid urban population growth drives economic productivity and better quality of life within a healthier local environment. Functional multilevel governance is a precondition to realizing this “urbanization dividend”—the positive dynamic through which…

Daily Practices of Informality amidst Urban Poverty

Edgar Pieterse, Suraya Scheba

2018. Research Report. Cape Town: The Mandela Initiative, UCT. 70pp. Daily Practices of Informality Amidst Urban Poverty by Philip Harrison, Edgar Pieterse, Suraya Scheba and Margot Rubin brings together the work of two case studies: research on the Hillbrow basements, in Johannesburg Inner City, undertaken by researchers associated with the South African Research Chair in Spatial…

The 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Urbanisation and the Research-policy Interface – Issues for the G20.

Edgar Pieterse, Susan Parnell, Sylvia Croese

2017. Bonn: Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ). A new report The 2030 Agenda: Sustainable Urbanisation and the Research-Policy Interface – Issues for the G20, authored by Edgar Pieterse, Susan Parnell and Sylvia Croese of the African Centre for Cities has just been released. The report commissioned by German development agency Giz,  investigates the apparent absence of urbanisation on…

Food Insecurity in Informal Settlements in Lilongwe, Malawi

Emmanuel Chilanga, Liam Riley, Juliana Ngwira, Chisomo Chalinda, Lameck Masitala

2017. Urban Food Security Series No. 25. Cape Town: AFSUN. This report is based on a household survey conducted in six low-income informal areas in Lilongwe, where three-quarters of the population live in informal settlements.4 According to the former chief executive of the Lilongwe City Council, “the rapid population growth rate [4% per annum] is…

Food Remittances: Rural-Urban Linkages and Food Security in Africa

Jonathan Crush, Mary Caesar

2017. Report for International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED), London. Globally, the transfer of funds by migrants to their home countries or areas (cash remittances) is at an all-time high. By 2017, it is predicted to rise to US$500 billion – and there is a growing policy consensus that cash remittances can be mainstreamed into…

Food Security in Africa’s Secondary Cities: No. 1 Mzuzu, Malawi.

Riley, L., Chilanga, E., Zuze, L., & Joynt, A.

2018. AFSUN Report No. 27 This report marks the first stage of AFSUN’s goal of expanding knowledge about urban food systems and experiences of household food insecurity in secondary African cities. It contributes to an understanding of poverty and sustainability in Mzuzu, Malawi, through the lens of household food security. The focus on food as an…

HCP Workshop in Nanjing Report

Zhenzhong Si

The Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) and Nanjing University, China organized a workshop entitled “Wet Market and Urban Food System in Nanjing” on January 12, 2017 at the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences of Nanjing University in Nanjing, China. The workshop aimed to disseminate the results of the HCP household food security survey in Nanjing…

Governance and Legislative Reform

Edgar Pieterse

Background Report for UN-Habitat World Cities Report.

The State of Poverty and Food Insecurity in Maseru

Resetselemang Leduka, Jonathan Crush, Bruce Frayne and Cameron McCordic

2015, AFSUN Urban Food Security Series No. 21, Cape Town. This report on food insecurity in urban Lesotho is the latest in a series on Southern African cities issued by AFSUN. Like the previous reports, it focuses on one city (Maseru) and on poor neighbourhoods and households in that city. More than 60% of poor households…

Future South African Food System Scenarios

Jane Battersby, Gareth Haysom, Godfrey Tawodzera, Florian Kroll and Maya Marshak

Sustainable Cities Programme. South African Cities Network (SACN).