MiFOOD Webinar Series features Dr. Jenna Hennebry on gender equality and migration

On June 28th 2022, Dr. Jenna Hennebry presents at the MiFOOD Webinar Series on gendering the Global Compact for Migration after COVID. In the webinar, Dr. Hennebry reflects on the capacity of the UN Network on Migration and the commitments of states and stakeholder to respond to the realities of gender inequality that have been heightened during the pandemic. She argues that the post-pandemic recovery efforts of governments and the work of the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration (GCM) and the UN Network on Migration more broadly, must be calibrated around gender equality goals by converting the commitments in the GCM into concrete sustained mechanisms for change.

MiFOOD is hosting a series of webinars on various topics about migration and food security that highlight the progress of the project. These webinars include conceptual discussion, empirical findings and policy analysis. Follow our Twitter (Moving on Empty), Like our Facebook page to be notified about upcoming webinars.

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