MiFOOD collaborators publish paper no. 5 on migrant women’s food insecurity in Ghana

MiFOOD publishes Paper No. 5: Migrant Women’s Food Insecurity Experiences in the Breadbasket of Ghana. It is coauthored by Jemima Nomunume Baada, Moses Kansanga, Joseph Kangmennaang and MiFOOD collaborator Isaac Luginaah. The paper employs generalized linear latent and mixed models (gllamm) to examine the key determinants of the food insecurity experiences of migrant women in northern Ghana with emphasis on their length of stay. It demonstrates that, even after migrating, women face several barriers that continue to predispose them to food insecurity, including lack of social support and autonomy. Given the general lack of empirical evidence on the food security experiences of women migrants, this analysis generates insights on the correlates of food insecurity among women migrants and, more broadly, the value of migration as a fallback strategy for navigating food security among women.

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