Urban Health Research in Africa: Themes and Priority Research Questions

Journal of Urban Health

Tolu Oni, Warren Smit, Richard Matzopoulos, Jo Hunter Adams, Michelle Pentecost, Hanna-Andrea Rother, Zulfah Albertyn, Farzaneh Behroozi, Olufunke Alaba, Mamadou Kaba, Claire van der Westhuizen, Maylene Shung King, Naomi S. Levitt, Susan Parnell, Estelle V. Lambert, and RICHE members

The themes and cross-cutting principles presented overlap and interact with each other. As such, a complex systems approach is required to investigate and improve understanding of health and well-being in a changing urban context with a view to developing sustainable and cost-effective interventions. This approach:

  • Acknowledges the different dimensions of determinants that influence health;
  • Understands the importance of addressing gaps in data and access to information from across these dimensions;
  • Identifies the need to address inequity in health and health determinants;
  • Recognizes the need to contextualize the dimensions of the urban environment and engage all relevant stakeholders across sectors to effectively prioritize intersectoral interventions to improve health; and
  • Emphasizes that action to address health determinants should not be solely undertaken by the health sector but requires an interdisciplinary approach and the involvement of key sectors including economic and social development, housing, and planning.

RICHE researchers are optimistic that the funding environment will support the need for a public health approach to urban health research themes addressing the African context so as to reduce urban health disparities and promote evidence-based policy making.

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