Hungry Cities Partnership Knowledge Mobilization Workshop Held in Nanjing, China

The Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) and Nanjing University organized a workshop entitled Wet Market and Urban Food System in Nanjing on January 12, 2017 at the School of Geographic and Oceanographic Sciences of Nanjing University in Nanjing, China. The workshop aimed to disseminate the results of the HCP household food security survey in Nanjing to government officials and researchers and to discuss the management of the urban food system. The workshop facilitated communication and knowledge sharing between the HCP research team and local government officials regarding planned HCP research in Nanjing in the coming year. The presenters included Prof. Jonathan Crush, HCP Postdoc Zhenzhong Si, and officials from Nanjing City Administration Bureau, Nanjing Urban Planning Bureau, Commerce Bureau of Jianye District, the manager of the Nanjing Wholesale Market and the manager of Heyuan Wet Market. The officials gave presentations on various relevant policies and regulations and the government’s efforts to govern the development of wet markets and wholesale markets in Nanjing.

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