HCP co-hosts the International Migration Conference on “Food (In)Security and Migrants on the Move” with MiFOOD Partner IIMAD, BSIA and IMRC

On October 27 and 28, 2022, the International Migration Conference: “Food (In)Security and Migrants on the Move” co-hosted by IIMAD, HCP, BSIA and IMRC takes place online to discuss the highly topical issue of the relationship between food insecurity and international and internal migration. The Conference addresses four main themes: (a) food security precarity of mobile populations during COVID-19 in Asia and Africa; (b) the food security challenges confronting forced migrants (asylum-seekers and refugees) in the Global South; (c) the migrant food environment in cities of the South; and (d) rural-urban linkages and food security in China and Africa. The Conference features presentations and case studies from a wide variety of locales by leading international scholars and experts on migration and food security. The Conference also features Professor Daniel Tevera of the University of the Western Cape, South Africa and Professor Kavita Datta of the Queen Mary University of London. Researchers from around the world participated in the conference and engaged in rich discussions on the topic of migration and food security.

Updated conference program with abstracts and conference recordings will be available soon.

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