The Global Urban: Difference and Complexity in Urban Studies and the Science of Cities

Jenny Robinson, Sue Parnell


Sage Handbook on the 21st Century City

The SAGE Handbook of the 21st Century City focuses on the dynamics and disruptions of the contemporary city in relation to capricious processes of global urbanization, mutation and resistance. An international range of scholars engage with emerging urban conditions and inequalities in experimental ways, speaking to new ideas of what constitutes the urban, highlighting empirical explorations and expanding on contributions to policy and design. The handbook is organised around nine key themes, through which familiar analytic categories of race, gender and class, as well as binaries such as the urban/rural, are readdressed. These thematic sections together capture the volatile processes and intricacies of urbanization that reveal the turbulent nature of our early twenty-first century.

Citation: 2017. In Burnett, R and Hall, S. (eds.) Sage Handbook on the 21st Century City, Sage, London.

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