Africa’s Urban Imperative

2015. In M. Provoost (ed.), Cape Town: Densification as a Cure for a Segregated City (Rotterdam: International New Town Institute).

Twenty years after democracy, Cape Town suffers from extensive urban sprawl, due to the legacy of the Apartheid spatial policy and the middle class ideal of single-family homes on individual plots of land. Sprawl is causing huge economical, environmental and social problems. Can we envisage a more compact and dense Cape Town, curing the many engrained patterns of unequal and unjust spatial divisions?

This book presents the provocative proposals of an international team of theorists, architects and planners, challenging the prevailing ideas on urban development in Cape Town and offering inspiring alternatives. The introductory essays are by Edgar Pieterse, Michelle Provoost, Rashiq Fataar et al.

Edgar Pieterse