MiFOOD Papers

MiFood Paper No. 6: Hayden, Tiana Bakić. (2023). Incomplete Documentation, Isolation, and Food Security among Central American Migrants in Mexico City.

MiFOOD Paper No. 5: Baada, J. N., Kansanga, M., Kangmennaang, J. and Luginaah, I. (2023). Migrant Women’s Food Insecurity Experiences in the Breadbasket of Ghana.

MiFOOD Paper No. 4: Tawodzera, G. and Crush, J. (2022). Pandemic Precarity and Food Insecurity: Zimbabwean Migrants in South Africa During COVID-19.

MiFOOD Paper No. 3: Xu, F., Zhong, T. and Crush, J. (2022). COVID-19, the Hukou System and Migrant Food Security in Urban China.

MiFOOD Paper No. 2: Onyango, E. O., Crush, J. and Owuor, S. (2021). Food Remittances, Migration and Rural-Urban Linkages in Kenya.

MiFOOD Paper No. 1: Crush, J., Thomaz, D. and Ramachandran, S. (2021). South-South Migration, Food Insecurity and the COVID-19 Pandemic.


Journal Articles

Xu, F., Crush, J., and Zhong, T. (2022). Pathways to food insecurity: Migration, hukou and COVID-19 in Nanjing, China. Population, Space and Place, 29(1): e2640.

Book Chapters