Tackling Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in South African Coastal Cities

2014, In Bruce Glavovic and Gavin Smith (eds.), Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from Natural Hazards Planning (London: Springer). Buy this chapter.

Cities are starting to develop policies and plans to adapt to the impacts of climate change. As these policies and plans are implemented, the barriers and opportunities of adaptation in practice are starting to be realised. It is clear that addressing these barriers is key to achieving more systemic adaptation that is not just focused on projects but on an institutional environment that is supportive of integrating climate knowledge, acting in a timely, flexible, and holistic manner and engaging appropriate regulatory mechanisms. This chapter uses the case studies of the City of Cape Town and eThekwini municipalities along the South African coast to explore what the barriers and opportunities have been in implementing adaptation and how these can be addressed moving forward on an urban city-scale.

Gina Ziervogel & Susan Parnell