Daily Practices of Informality amidst Urban Poverty

2018. Research Report. Cape Town: The Mandela Initiative, UCT. 70pp.

Daily Practices of Informality Amidst Urban Poverty by Philip Harrison, Edgar Pieterse, Suraya Scheba and Margot Rubin brings together the work of two case studies: research on the Hillbrow basements, in Johannesburg Inner City, undertaken by researchers associated with the South African Research Chair in Spatial Analysis and City Planning (SA&CP) at the University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, and housing conditions in Delft undertaken in association with the South African Research Chair in Urban Policy and the African Centre for Cities (ACC) at the University of Cape Town. The work formed part of the Nelson Mandela Initiative (NMI) which explored multiple dimensions of poverty and inequality in South Africa.

Edgar Pieterse, Suraya Scheba