Publications: Presentations

Urbanization Trends in Africa

Edgar Pieterse

2017. Talk at: Urban Health in Africa: advancing multidisciplinary approaches conference, Cape Town, 6-7 February.

Food and the SGDs in Everyday Life: SGDs 2 and 11

Bruce Frayne with Jennifer Lynes, Prateep Nayak and Larry Swatuk

2017. Panel Session, Ontario Council for International Cooperation’s Global Citizen’s Forum, February 2-3.

Food, Space and Gender in Urban Malawi

Liam Riley

2017. RGS-IBG Annual International Conference. London, UK (with B. Dodson).

The Malawian City in Urban Poverty: Exploring Urban Informality Through Blantyre’s Foodscape

Liam Riley

2017. Joint Session of the Canadian Association of African Studies & Canadian Association for the Study of International Development Conferences. Toronto.

Planning for Less Planning: Supporting Informal Food Systems in Nairobi

Andrea Brown

2017. African Urban Planning Conference in Lisbon, Portugal, September.

The Lock-in Factors of Industrial Agriculture in China: An Overview of the IPES-Food Report

Zhenzhong Si

2017. Workshop on Community-Academics Partnership for Sustainable Food System in China. Beijing, China. August 15-16.

The Outcomes and Lock-in Factors of Industrial Agriculture in China

Zhenzhong Si

2017. The 18th Conference of Chinese Agroecology and Ecological Agriculture. Yan’an, China. August 10-13.

Meeting the Challenges of Food Security and Food Safety in China

Zhenzhong Si

2017. Cross-sector Collaboration Workshop. Beijing, China. August 7-9.

Urban Household Food Security and Food Safety Perceptions in Nanjing, China: Hungry Cities Partnership Survey Results

Zhenzhong Si

2017. Hungry Cities Partnership Workshop in Nanjing: Wet Market and Urban Food System. Nanjing, China. January 12.

Urbanization and Food Security in Nairobi, Kenya

Samuel Owuor

2016. Public Lecture, Global South Studies Center, University of Cologne, Germany, 15 November.