Publications: Presentations

Ten Years of Urban Food Security Research Findings

Bruce Frayne

2018. Presentation and panel discussion, African Centre for Cities International Urban Conference, February 1-3, Cape Town.

Food and the Constitution of the Urban in Malawi: Urban Sustainability in Feminist Postcolonial Perspective

Liam Riley

2018. Feminist Geography IGU Pre-Conference: Feminist Geographies 2018: in/during Troubled Times: Dialogues, Interventions and Praxis. Montréal.

Town Chiefs and Block Leaders: Social Conflict in the Devolution of Democracy in Urban Malawi

Liam Riley

2018. Canadian Association of African Studies Conference. Kingston.

Integrating SDG 5 into Urban Food Security Discourse

Liam Riley

2018. Urbanization, Food Systems and Sustainability in the Global South Conference. Waterloo.

International Migration and Food Security

Jonathan Crush

2017. Plenary Address to UN Hearings on Global Compact for Migration, New York.

Structural Equation Modelling of Water and Food Security: Implications Under Climate Change and Rapid Urbanization

Lawrence Kazembe

2017. 9th Conference of Ecosystems Services Partnership, Shenzen, China, 10th-15 Dec.

Divorcing Food and Agriculture: Towards a Research Agenda for Urban Food Security

Jonathan Crush

2017. Workshop on Harnessing Urban Food Systems for Sustainable Development and Human Well-Being, Bellagio.

Transition Models with Spatial Random Effects

Lawrence Kazembe

2017. 1st TWAS Young Affiliates Conference. Rio de Janiero, Brazil, 24th-28th August.

Revisiting the Supermarket Revolution

Jonathan Crush

2017. Workshop on Africa’s Supermarket Revolution, Windhoek, Namibia.