Publications: Presentations

Is Informality Generating a Crisis in Planning?

Caroline Skinner

2015, Policy Research Network, WIEGO Workshop, Manchester

Informal Food Retailers: A Review of Evidence

Caroline Skinner

2015, Consuming Urban Poverty Annual Meeting, Cape Town

Micro-Insurance in Disaster Risk Reduction: A Strategy for Enhancing Domestic Food Security in CARICOM Countries

Balfour Spence

2015, Commonwealth Geographical Bureau Conference, Kingston, Jamaica

Thinking Through Urban Food Systems: A Cape Town Perspective

Jane Battersby

2014, IIED Change Initiative: Food Consumption, Urbanisation and Rural Transformations, London.

Cities, Urbanization +

Jane Battersby

2014, Seeds of the Good Anthropocene Workshop, Stellenbosch

Everyone’s Problem, No-One’s Mandate: Working Towards an Urban Food Systems Approach in Cape Town, South Africa

Jane Battersby

2014, Sustainable Regional Food Systems Workshop, Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo

Trade Liberalization and Food Security

Jennifer Clapp

2014, World Trade Organization Public Forum, Geneva

In Markets We Trust? Changing Power Relations in Global Commodity Markets

Jennifer Clapp

2014, Public Lecure, University of British Columbia

The Real Hunger Games: The Challenge of Embedding Equity and Sustainability into the Global Food System

Jennifer Clapp

2014, Public Lecture, Knowledge Integration Program, University of Waterloo

Governance for a Sustainable Global Economy: Food For Thought

Jennifer Clapp

2014, Future Earth Conference, Villa Vigoni, Italy