Publications: MiFOOD Papers

MiFOOD Paper No. 2: Food Remittances, Migration and Rural-Urban Linkages in Kenya

Elizabeth Opiyo Onyango, Jonathan Crush and Samuel Owuor

Rural-urban migrants in Sub-Saharan Africa do not generally cut their links with rural homes and much has been written about the character, types and implications of connections between rural areas and rapidly growing cities. The persistence of circular migration and the perpetuation of rural-urban connectivity is a distinctive feature of Kenyan urbanization. Informal non-market food…

MiFOOD Paper No. 1: South-South Migration, Food Insecurity and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jonathan Crush, Diana Thomaz and Sujata Ramachandran

The implementation of global migration governance processes such as the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and the Global Compact for Migration has been stalled by the COVID-19 crisis as flows of and opportunities for international migrants shrink through the containment strategies adopted by most governments in response to the pandemic. Migrants have been disproportionately affected by…