Publications: Journal Articles

Hungry Cities: A Critical Review of Urban Food Security Research in Sub-Saharan African Cities

Jane Battersby

Geography Compass. 2013, 7(7): 452-463. There has been renewed interest in the issue of food in cities in sub-Saharan Africa. A similar renewal has been noted in the North American and European contexts. However, the political, practical, and ideological starting points of these research endeavors are quite different. This paper presents a historical and political…

Growing Communities: Integrating the Social and Economic Benefits of Urban Agriculture in Cape Town

Jane Battersby & Maya Marshak

Urban Forum. 2013, 24(4):447–461 There has been growing interest in the use of urban agriculture to address food insecurity and poverty in Cape Town. This reflects debates on urban agriculture in the global south. In the north, growing food in cities has been tended to be framed in terms of its social benefits. This paper…

Linking Food Security, Migration and Development

Jonathan Crush

International Migration. 2013, 51(5): 61-75. The issue of food security is strikingly absent from current debates about the relationship between migration and development. The current international food security agenda displays a similar disregard for migration. There thus appears to be a massive disconnect between these two global development agendas. The reasons are hard to understand since…