Publications: Hungry Cities Papers

HCP Discussion Paper No. 3: Urban Food Deserts and Climate Change in African Cities

Mary Caesar & Jonathan Crush

The underlying assumption in much of the Euro-American food deserts literature is that urban food deserts are dynamic spaces, expanding and contracting with the advent and withdrawal of supermarkets. This discussion paper argues that to tie such dynamism purely to the spatial behaviour of formal food retail outlets is both narrow and inappropriate in the…

HCP Discussion Paper No. 2: Approaching Sustainable Urban Development in China through a Food System Planning Lens

Zhenzhong Si & Steffanie Scott

After more than two decades of rapid urbanization, Chinese cities now face severe sustainability chal- lenges in terms of balancing economic viability, social justice, and environmental protection goals. While various types of planning have long been adopted to cope with these challenges, food as a centrepiece of daily life and of social and economic activity…

HCP Discussion Paper No. 1: Hungry Cities of the Global South

Jonathan Crush

The recent inclusion of an urban Sustainable Development Goal in the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda represents an important acknowledgement of the reality of global urbanization and the many social, economic, infrastructural and political challenges posed by the human transition to a predomi- nantly urban world. However, while the SDG provides goals for housing, transportation, land…