Localising the SDGs Through an Urban Food Lens in the Global South: Lessons from the Hungry Cities Project

Zoom Conference
November 9-10, 2020

Urban food challenges and the urban food system provides a particularly useful lens to interrogate the challenges faced in developing cities. Urban food and the food system are a uniquely transversal issue touching many urban functions, and many SDG goals and targets. As the world, and particularly developing world cities, come to grips with the challenges presented by COVID-19, and their planning towards localising the SDGs scales up, now is a unique time to interrogate, through an urban food lens, what this localisation of global development goals may mean, or resemble.

The Hungry Cities Partnership (HCP) , co-led by the African Centre for Cities, has recently completed a seven year research project on urban food systems. This body of work provides a useful point through which to engage civics, and other actors contributing to these emergent discussions to reflect on priorities and the inter-connected nature of urban food systems and the SDGs at the urban scale.

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