African Centre for Cities International Urban Conference

University of Cape Town, Cape Town, South Africa
February 1-3, 2018

To celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the establishment of the African Centre for Cities at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, the ACC hosted an International Urban Conference with researchers and policy-makers from around the world. Details of the conference, including the program are available here.  The conference included several urban food-related panels at which researchers from the Hungry Cities Partnership made presentations. They included the following:

Roundtable on Reflections on 10 Years of Food and Urban Intersections

Chaired by Jane Battersby (ACC), participants included Gareth Haysom (ACC) and Bruce Frayne (University of Waterloo)

Panel on Food and Informality in the Global South  

Elizabeth Thomas Hope (University of West Indies), “What Role Do Street Foods Play in Food Security in Poor Neighbourhoods in Kingston, Jamaica)

Zhenzhong Si (Balsillie School of International Affairs) and Jenelle Regnier-Davies (University of Waterloo), “Food Safety in Urban China: Perceptions and Coping Strategies of Residents in Nanjing, China”

Guenola Caprom (UAM, Mexico City), “The Informal Food Trade in the Metropolitan Area of Mexico City: Whom, Where and Why?”

Neha Sami and Shriya Anand (Indian Institute of Human Settlements), “Local Economies, Street Foods and Politics: The Informal Food Economy, Policy and Real Politics in Bangalore, India”

Panel on Ten Years of Urban Food Security Findings

Jo Hunter-Adams (UCT), “Experiences of Food Insecurity in Peri-Urban Areas of South Africa”

Ines Raimundo (Eduardo Mondlane University), “Ensuring Resilience of Mozambican Cities in the Context of Multiple Burdens: A Case Study of Xai-Xai”

Godfrey Tawodzera (UCT), “The Food Insecurity of Zimbabwean Migrants in South African Cities”

Panel on Perspectives and Innovation in Urban Food Security

Ndeyapo Nickanor and Lawrence Kazambe (University of Namibia), “The Supermarket Transition in Namibia: A Review of the Windhoek Food System”