Salomon Gonzalez Arellano

Salomon Gonzalez Arellano holds a PhD in Regional Planning from Laval University, Quebec. His research focuses on urban geography, urban design, segregation, accessibility, and mobility. He is interested in the representation and spatio-temporal analysis of social processes, in decision-making methods from the perspective of Territorial Intelligence. He is currently a researcher and professor at the UAM-Cuajimalpa in Mexico City in the Department of Social Sciences, and a member of the Laboratory for Socio-territorial Analysis (LAST). Salomón González is coordinator of the Urban Form Studies Network (REFU) and partner of the Hungry Cities Partnership, co-founder of the International Research Network “Villes du Futur” funded by CNRS-France (2020-2029) and coordinator of the research project “Cities in Transition” financed by CONACYT.

Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana-Azcapotzalco