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APRIL 2020

Coronavirus could overwhelm developing world
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Counties across the world start to suspend food exports to secure domestic supplies
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FAO warns against disruption in the food supply chain due to COVID-19 lockdown
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FAO, WHO, WTO call for ensuring food security amid COVID-19 pandemic
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Farmers across Europe bank on improvised armies of pickers to save harvest
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Food environments in the COVID-19 pandemic
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Global agencies ask countries to work together to ensure food security
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Global food shortages: here’s why grocery stores don’t have what you want
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Here’s what the COVID-19 response looks like in refugee camps
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Paralyzing trade over COVID-19 could endanger global food security – UN experts
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We need a global stimulus package to avoid COVID-19 hunger crisis
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Why grocery shelves won’t be empty for long
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MARCH 2020

A battle plan for ensuring global food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis
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A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies
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Countries starting to hoard food, threatening global trade
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COVID-19 and the 5 major risks it poses to global food security
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COVID-19 food security and nutrition alert
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COVID-19 measures could cause ‘devastating’ labour shortage in EU farming
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COVID-19: Trade restrictions are worst possible response to safeguard food security
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APRIL 2020

China’s jobless rate to rise as canceled orders hurt manufacturers
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China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 COVID-19 cases, say researchers
The Star, 01 April

Coronavirus: Wuhan residents told to stay inside and be vigilant
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MARCH 2020

China prioritises food security amid COVID-19 outbreak
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Chinese farmers dodge coronavirus and go online for spring seeds and supplies
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Chinese livestock farms struggle under COVID-19 restrictions
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COVID-19 is making it harder to grow food in China
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China’s farmers worried as COVID-19 stifles domestic agriculture
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APRIL 2020

COVID-19: Association urges govt to prioritise domestic food security
MalayMail, 02 April

COVID-19 crisis: RTE Forum wants Modi to ensure food security, health for children
Counterview, 01 April

Economists anticipate food shortage if pandemic prolongs
GeoNews, 02 April

Food for the poor
The Sentinel, 01 April

India’s food security discussed at WTO amidst COVID-19 pandemic
The Hindu Business Line, 02 April

India COVID-19 lockdown means no food or work for rural poor
Al Jazeera, 03 April

Migrant workers sprayed with disinfectant in one Indian state
CNN, 01 April

Primark and Matalan among retailers allegedly cancelling £2.4bn orders in ‘catastrophic’ move for Bangladesh
The Guardian, 02 April

‘Serious consequences’: ASEAN COVID-19 lockdowns heighten food supply fears
FoodNavigator Asia, 01 April

‘Shoot them dead’: Duterte warns against violating lockdown
Al Jazeera, 01 April

Thailand has no plans to restrict rice exports: official
Vietnam Plus, 03 April

MARCH 2020

APMC Mumbai to shut fruit, vegetable markets every Thursday till month end 
The Economic Times, 19 March

Changing lives in times of uncertainty: how innovative agriculture builds resilience
IFAD, 30 March

Chaos and hunger amid India coronavirus lockdown
Al Jazeera, 27 March

COVID-19 could impact food security in Sri Lanka
Colombo Gazette , 21 March

COVID-19 impact: India Inc launches startup to feed the poor
The Economic Times , 27 March

COVID-19: India Supreme Court asks government to prevent migration of people due to coronavirus
World Asia, 31 March

COVID-19: Kerala starts delivering free food at doorsteps by setting up community kitchens
Deccan Herald, 28 March

COVID-19 lockdown risks lives in the Philippines
Asia Times, 22 March

COVID-19: Lockdown triggers reverse migration in Karnataka
The Hindu, 27 March

COVID-19 pandemic: India has little to fear about its food security, 24 March

DA asks for add’l P31B to ensure food security amid COVID-19
GMA News Online, 25 March

Don’t allow the coronavirus to open up another front
IFAD, 31 March

Farmers left stranded with fruit and veggies lying in the fields 
The Economic Times, 27 March

Farm workers, agriculture companies exempted from lockdown: Home Ministry
The Economic Times, 27 March

FCI transports 6.71 lakh tonnes of food grains during lockdown 
The Economic Times , 30 March

Food security fears are starting to threaten Asian rice exports
Bloomberg, 31 March

For a billion Indians, lockdown has not prevented tragedy
The Guardian, 29 March

Garment workers face destitution as COVID-19 closes factories
The Guardian, 19 March

Govt exempts procurement agencies, mandis, farming operations, farm workers from lockdown rules 
The Economic Times, 27 March

India is enforcing the harshest and most extensive COVID-19 lockdown in the world
Quartz India, 31 March

India’s coronavirus lockdown will hit women and migrant workers hardest
The Conversation, 26 March

India’s exodus of starving migrant workers ‘a bigger problem than coronavirus itself’, say judges
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India Lockdown: About 1,600 fruit, vegetable mandis functioning; 300 more to operate from Friday, says Agri Min
The Economic Times, 26 March

India racked by greatest exodus since partition due to coronavirus
The Guardian, 30 March

India tries to stem migrant worker exodus amid coronavirus lockdown
The Wall Street Journal, 29 March

Journalists capture heartbreaking images of jobless migrants walking home after COVID-19 lockdown, 26 March

Lockdown may not be enough to contain coronavirus spread in India: Rajan 
The Economic Times, 27 March

Mass exodus, rising count: In first weekend under lockdown, India adjusts to new normal
The Economic Times, 29  March

Mass exodus sparks coronavirus concerns in India
CNN, 30 March

Modi govt’s COVID-19 package not enough, people need food security: Sachin Pilot
The Print, 31 March

Modi seeks ‘forgiveness’ from India’s poor over COVID-19 lockdown
Al Jazeera , 29 March

No work, no money: how self-isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic punishes the poor in Indonesia
The Conversation, 20 March

Pakatan MPs press Putrajaya for info on food security, travel ban during COVID-19 shutdown
MalayMail, 17 March

Rice mills come to standstill despite exemption from lockdown 
The Economic Times, 26 March

SC asks govt: What steps taken to stop exodus of workers?
The Times of India, 31 March

Thai rice exports get a boost from global COVID-19 scare
National Thailand, 13 March

Vietnam suspends rice exports to ensure food security
VN Express, 25 March

Vietnam to stockpile 270,000 tonnes rice to ensure food security amid virus spread
National Post, 27 March

‘We will starve here’: India’s poor flee cities in mass exodus
Bloomberg, 30 March

320 million children worldwide missing out on meals due to COVID-19: WFP
DownToEarth, 24 March



APRIL 2020

Africa: fragile African health systems face COVID-19 catastrophe
allAfrica, 01 April

COVID-19: Are agricultural workers being protected?
GroundUp, 01 April

COVID-19: Dambuza youth donate groceries to locked down street hawkers
GroundUp, 03 April

COVID-19 economic and food security implications in East Africa
ReliefWeb, 01 April

COVID-19: Filthy toilets, no water… fighting the virus in Upington’s informal settlements
GroundUp, 03 April

COVID-19: Food security and wellness are likely to be compromised
City Press, 03 April

COVID-19 lockdown needs to protect inner-city communities
Daily Maverick, 03 April

Figures of the week: Perceptions of COVID-19 in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria
Africa in Focus, 02 April

Hostels and campsites pressed into service as lockdown shelters for homeless
Daily Maverick, 03 April

Nigeria’s elite ‘above the law’ as the poor struggle with COVID-19 measures
Global Voices, 02 April

South Africa’s response to COVID-19 worsens the plight of waste reclaimers
The Conversation, 01 April

Thousands of food parcels for families in need
Maverick Citizen, 03 April

MARCH 2020

As COVID-19 cases increase, Kenyans flee cities, seeking safety
CRUX – Taking the Catholic Pulse, 31 March

As the coronavirus arrives in Africa, fragile economies are bracing for the worst
CNBC, 19 March

Case of public violence opened against protesting FS healthcare workers, 31 March

Coronavirus prevention measures turn violent in parts of Africa as nations go into lockdown
Time, 28 March

Coronavirus: no major concern for global food security yet
TheAfricaReport, 27 March

COVID-19 could kill millions in Africa without immediate action: UN chief
RFI, 28 March

COVID-19 measures, daily laborers and their nutrition 
Blog – Analysis, 23 March

COVID-19 poses extreme threat to people shackled in Nigeria
Human Rights Watch, 30 March

COVID-19 scare: Transport hurdles, labour scarcity to hit supply of fruit, vegetables
The Economic Times, 25 March

COVID-19: Security forces will ensure compliance to contain COVID-19 spread
FAAPA, 28 March

COVID-19 virus spread prompts food insecurity fears in Africa
Cornell Alliance for Science, 26 March

COVID-19: “We can’t stay inside when we have no toilets”
GroundUp, 31 March

Crisis sees Cape Town suburbs reach across the great social divide
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Death and distress at social grant payout points
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Developing countries face economic collapse in COVID-19 fight: UN
Al Jazeera, 30 March

Fighting COVID-19 in Africa will be different
BCG, 26 March

Fighting COVID-19: Will SA’s lockdown work (and what does that mean)?
Daily Maverick, 31 March

Food crisis could hit after battle against COVID-19 is won
Ghana News Agency, 25 March

Food security a priority during lockdown – Didiza
Jacarandafm, 24 March

Food supply secure, but exporting farmers in for tough time amid COVID-19
Herald Live, 29 March

Game, Makro and associated retailers freeze prices for essentials during lockdown
Fin24, 30 March

Government will give spaza shops money – but they must register with SARS
Business Insider SA, 31 March

How coronavirus will affect SA’s food supply
Fin24, 24 March

How COVID-19 impacts food security in SSA
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How will COVID-19 affect Africa’s food systems?
African Arguments, 25 March

‘How will we survive?’: health woes deepen Zimbabwe COVID-19 fear
Al Jazeera, 23 March

Infected: the impact of the coronavirus on the Middle East and North Africa
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Lockdown responses, from farm workers to sex workers to civil society
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Lockdown: They’re riding around the country hunting the poor and vulnerable
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Namib Mills Responds to food security concerns amid COVID-19
Namibia Economist, 25 March

New front: Worry over COVID-19 spreading in African refugee camps
Al Jazeera, 29 March

Panic buying may disrupt SA’s food supply system
The Star, 25 March

Panic buying underscores South Africa’s inequalities
University of Cape Town, 23 March

South African Jesuit: Informal settlements ‘perfect storm’ for COVID-19
CRUX – taking the Catholic Pulse, 24 March

South African police fire rubber bullets at shoppers amid lockdown
The Guardian, 28 March

Surviving COVID-19: fragility, resilience and inequality in Zimbabwe
African Arguments, 27 March

The dark past of SA’s armed forces casts a shadow over their lockdown actions
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

The impact of COVID-19 on food security in Nigeria
African Harvesters, 17 March

The lockdown regulations are not a ban on all informal traders
Daily Maverick, 30 March

Two Shoprite stores closed for violating coronavirus safety regulations
Fin24, 30 March

Ways to protect food system amid COVID-19 pandemic
Daily Nation, 26 March

‘We don’t work, we don’t eat’: Informal workers face stark choices as Africa’s largest megacity shuts down
CNN, 31 March

We Ugandans are used to lockdowns and poor healthcare. But we’re terrified.
The Guardian, 29 March



MARCH 2020

Brazil’s peak soybean export season collides with COVID-19
Successful Farming, 23 March

COVID-19’s warning about supply chains, food security and Bernard Lodge
The Jamaica Gleaner, 22 March

Five ways that COVID-19 has changed what food insecurity looks like in the Caribbean
Forbes, 31 March

Food security and COVID-19 school closures in the Caribbean
Loop News Barbados, 18 March

How will coronavirus affect our food? The pandemic and our food systems, a dispatch from Mexico
Food Tank, March

IICA Director: regional food security at stake in COVID-19 crisis
Trinidad and Tobago Guardian, 23 March

Member states to boost food production to lessen COVID-19 impact
CARICOM at work, 23 March

SVG to launch COVID-19 Food Security and Impact Mitigation Plan
St Lucia News, 13 March

Venezuelan migrants “struggling to survive” amid COVID-19
The Lancet, 28 March



MARCH 2020

COVID-19 and closed borders: Italy’s agriculture at risk
Worldcrunch, 25 March

COVID-19 lockdown in Italy brings critical promotion season to a standstill
Olive Oil Times, 11 March

Farmers call for measures to secure food production as COVID-19 crisis bites
EURACTIV, 19 March

FAO hand in hand with Italy in the fight against COVID-19
FAO, 23 March

Italy’s poultry industry paying high price for COVID-19
WATTAgNet, 13 March

Italy sets aside €400m for food vouchers as social unrest mounts
The Guardian, 29 March