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Without safe migration, economic recovery will be limited
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MAY 2020

Africa: When It Rains It Pours – COVID-19 Exacerbates Poverty Risks in Poorest Countries
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A Pandemic of Hunger
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‘Big push’ on food security as COVID-19 response enters second phase
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COVID-19 exacerbates gender inequality
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COVID-19 is a health crisis — but a looming food catastrophe, too
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COVID-19 pandemic risks worst global food crisis in decades
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COVID-19 Puts 265 Million at Risk of ‘Hunger Pandemic,’ Experts Say
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COVID-19’s Third Shock Wave: The Global Food Crisis
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Despite global truce appeal, 661,000 people newly displaced
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Food fraud rise ‘inevitable’ because of COVID-19
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Food Security and COVID-19
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Global trading prices for rice rose to highest level in 7 years due to export restrictions
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The US should stop blocking vital IMF funds for poorer countries
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APRIL 2020

‘A disastrous situation’: mountains of food wasted as coronavirus scrambles supply chain
The Guardian, 09 April

Africa: UNDP to support recovery of African economies shattered by COVID-19
AllAfrica, 27 April

Around the world, migrants and refugees are stranded between closed borders
Devex, 29 April

As aid groups scramble to contain COVID-19, malnutrition set to increase
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At least 300,000 Africans expected to die in pandemic : UNECA
Times LIVE, 17 April

Can’t find what you want in the grocery store? Here’s why
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Coronavirus could double number of people going hungry
The Guardian, 09 April

Coronavirus could push half a billion people into poverty, Oxfam warns
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Coronavirus could overwhelm developing world
Anchorage Daily News, 02 April

Coronavirus: hunger, worst crisis since World War II
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Coronavirus pandemic ‘will cause famine of biblical proportions’
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Counties across the world start to suspend food exports to secure domestic supplies
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COVID-19 analytical snapshot #18: migrants & global food supply
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COVID-19 analytical snapshot #22: cities & local authorities
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COVID-19 Is Expected To Be A Key Driver Of Acute Food Insecurity
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COVID pandemic to double world hunger, report finds
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COVID stops many migrants sending money home
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COVID-19 and food security in vulnerable countries
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COVID-19 may become a ‘pandemic plus’ for certain countries and people
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COVID-19 may double world hunger rates
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Dumped milk, smashed eggs, plowed vegetables: food waste of the pandemic
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Economic freeze cuts remittances, a lifeline for migrants’ families
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Ensuring global food security in the time of COVID-19
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FAO warns against disruption in the food supply chain due to COVID-19 lockdown
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FAO, WHO, WTO call for ensuring food security amid COVID-19 pandemic
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Farmers across Europe bank on improvised armies of pickers to save harvest
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Fighting food export restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic
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Food environments in the COVID-19 pandemic
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Food security vital for a world in crisis
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Global agencies ask countries to work together to ensure food security
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Global food prices drop in March
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Global food shortages: here’s why grocery stores don’t have what you want
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Global hunger could double due to coronavirus pandemic: UN
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Global soybean markets face major virus uncertainty
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Global trade sputters, leaving too much here, too little there
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Healthy diets for human resilience in the age of COVID-19
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Is COVID-19 a threat to the stability of rice price and supply?
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Keep critical food supply chains operating to save lives during COVID-19, urges new UN-backed report
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Key food prices surging in some parts of the world from coronavirus effect
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Leveraging the African Union’s Role in the time of COVID-19
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Low-skilled workers, developing countries at risk of steep economic decline as coronavirus advances
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Poverty, food security, open data and COVID-19
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Preventing global food crisis caused by COVID-19
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‘Race against time’ to prevent famines during coronavirus crisis
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Refugees are on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic. Let’s give them the rights they deserve
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Remittance woes: Job losses, closed borders sap nations of $660B
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Rice prices surge to 7-year high as coronavirus sparks stockpiling
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Russia cuts off wheat, other grain exports
VOA, 26 April

School meals & COVID-19
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Shaping a holistic response to COVID-19: Protecting food systems and rural producers
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Starvation’s toll tops virus risk for poorest nations, UN warns
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Strengthening city-region food systems during and beyond COVID-19
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The coronavirus pandemic could be devastating for the world’s migrants
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The COVID-19 pandemic shows we must transform the global food system
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‘The hunger makes us forget the disease’: famines threaten greater devastation than coronavirus
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The solution to food insecurity is food sovereignty
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Trade restrictions on food exports due to the coronavirus pandemic
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UN food chief: world faces 2 pandemics – COVID-19 and hunger
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UK hunger crisis: 1.5m people go whole day without food
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We need a global stimulus package to avoid COVID-19 hunger crisis
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WFP chief warns of ‘hunger pandemic’ as COVID-19 threatens food security
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Why grocery shelves won’t be empty for long
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World Bank warns of collapse in money sent home by migrant workers
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World Food Programme warns at least 30 million people could die of starvation during pandemic
The Globe and Mail, 15 April

World needs to keep a close watch on agriculture while battling COVID-19 pandemic
International Potato Center, 07 April

Zhenzhen Ye on COVID-19: Maintaining food security during the coronavirus pandemic means looking after the health of migrant workers
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MARCH 2020

A battle plan for ensuring global food supplies during the COVID-19 crisis
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A food crisis looms as coronavirus forces farms to stay idle and countries hoard supplies
CNBC, 31 March

A recipe for disaster: the impact of COVID-19 on food safety and the food industry
JD Supra, 11 March

CARE Analysis: Vulnerable countries face 3 times the risk of COVID-19 exposure, yet have 6 times lower access to healthcare services
Care Analysis, 26 March

Coronavirus impact on labour supply fuels food shortage fears
Food Navigator, 18 March

Coronavirus measures could cause global food shortage, UN warns
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Countries starting to hoard food, threatening global trade
Bloomberg, 25 March

COVID-19 and the 5 major risks it poses to global food security
WFP – Blog, 16 March

COVID-19: Food security concerns mount as countries limit rice exports and build up stocks
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COVID-19 food security and nutrition alert
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COVID-19 measures could cause ‘devastating’ labour shortage in EU farming
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COVID-19: Trade restrictions are worst possible response to safeguard food security
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Economic and food security implications of the COVID-19 outbreak
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FAO Director-General urges G20 to ensure that food value chains are not disrupted during COVID-19 pandemic
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Five ways COVID-19 is changing global migration
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Food producers worry if supply chain can handle COVID-19 without migrant workers
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Keeping global food chains alive is crucial amid COVID-19 crisis
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Lessons from the AIDS epidemic on how COVID-19 may impact food and nutrition security
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New digital map shows terrible impact of COVID-19 on school meals around the world
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Screening for COVID-19 should also include questions about food insecurity, volunteer organizations say
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The world’s top countries for food security [Infographic]
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China tackles food security fears
Bangkok Post, 16 November

Food safety overhaul: China announces revamp of national standards for processed and nutritional foods
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Russian chicken exports to China surge
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JULY 2020

China’s COVID-19 food focus: Prevention strategy shifts focus to tightened import regulations
Food Navigator Asia, 06 July

China records biggest one-day rise in coronavirus cases since March
Financial Times, July 2020

Chinese millennials drink milk to boost immunity amid pandemic
The Japan Times, 24 July

FACTBOX-China suspends meat imports from various origins amid COVID-19 pandemic
Reuters, 06 July

JUNE 2020

Beijing shuts schools over new coronavirus outbreak: Live updates
Al Jazeera, 16 June

China Faces a Rice Bowl Dilemma After Covid
Bloomberg, 21 June

China Reports 57 New Coronavirus Cases Amid Beijing Outbreak
The New York Times, 13 June

China’s ‘six priorities’ and fiscal stimulus will spearhead its COVID-19 recovery
World Economic Forum, 08 June

Coronavirus: food-related outbreaks raise flags about supply security
South China Morning Post, 22 June

Post-Covid-19, China faces rice bowl dilemma
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The impact of COVID-19 on smallholders in China
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MAY 2020

Australia-China row unlikely to ensnare LNG trade but risks have grown
S&P Global, 19 May

China and Covid-19
Modern Diplomacy, 12 May

China Is Days Away From Revealing If It Dumped Its GDP Growth Target
Yahoo Finance, 19 May

China’s pork prices continue to dip
Xinhua, 27 May

China to draft food security plan amid global coronavirus epidemic
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Eating at home: China’s COVID-19 online purchasing patterns reveal huge shift towards home cooking
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Enormous eGrocery investments: Consumer demands for convenience, quality and variety drives funding surge in China
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Investigating China: COVID-19 and the CCP
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The Latest:  China touts assistance to fighting coronavirus
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U.S. and China Trade Coronavirus Accusations, Sparking Fears of a New Cold War
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APRIL 2020

Africa faces off with China over alleged racism and profiling
The East African, 19 April

African civil society demands action against Chinese xenophobia and bullying
Maverick Citizen, 24 April

African community targeted in China virus crackdown
Sowetan Live, 11 April

China able to ensure food security despite coronavirus impact
China.org.cn, 05 April

China doles out vouchers to encourage shoppers to spend again
The Guardian, 21 April

China’s jobless rate to rise as canceled orders hurt manufacturers
VOA News, 02 April

China lockdown may have blocked 700,000 COVID-19 cases, say researchers
The Star, 01 April

Chinese fresh food sales boosted by COVID-19
Kantar, 07 April

Coronavirus: Rationing based on healthy, equity and decency now needed – Food System Expert
Politics Means Politics Magazine, 02 April

Coronavirus: WHO developing guidance on wet markets
BBC News, 21 April

Coronavirus: Wuhan residents told to stay inside and be vigilant
The Guardian, 03 April

COVID-19: how China’s army of food delivery drivers helped keep country going during outbreak
The Star, 07 April

COVID-19 in China: food supply and lax regulations cause for concern as government touts ‘return to normalcy’
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Food delivery men in Shanghai start to wear reflective safety vests with numbers
People’s Daily Online, 01 April

How COVID-19 will transform the fresh food industry in China
China Briefing, 08 April

Lessons from China: ensuring no one goes hungry during coronavirus lockdowns
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‘Lockdown is not over’ for people of Wuhan, despite easing of restrictions
The Guardian, 11 April

Ministry of Agriculture of People Republic of China: China able to ensure food security despite coronavirus impact
Market Screener, 07 April

Outcry as Kenyans in China hit by wave of racial attacks
Daily Nation, 10 April

South Africans say China is discriminating against Africans over COVID-19
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‘Stay away from here’: In China, foreigners have become a target for coronavirus discrimination
The Globe and Mail, 10 April

Survey: food retail in China during the COVID-19 pandemic
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The coronavirus likely came from China’s wet markets. They’re reopening anyway.
Vox, 15 April

Wet markets important risk factor for disease spread: UN biodiversity chief
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Wet markets in China’s Wuhan struggle to survive coronavirus blow
The National Post, 12 April

What is a wet market?
The Guardian, 16 April

Woman orders 76 types of breakfast at once in first day of lockdown-free Wuhan
Daily Sabah, 10 April

Wuhan is returning to life. So are its disputed wet markets.
National Post, 08 April 

MARCH 2020

China prioritises food security amid COVID-19 outbreak
Emerald Insight, 20 March

Chinese farmers dodge coronavirus and go online for spring seeds and supplies
Reuters, 10 March

Chinese livestock farms struggle under COVID-19 restrictions
Blog – Research Post, 26 March

COVID-19 boosts Chinese online food delivery
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COVID-19 is making it harder to grow food in China
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Lockdowns are protecting China’s rural families from COVID-19, but the economic burden is heavy
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What the Coronavirus in China shows us about food system resilience
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China’s farmers worried as COVID-19 stifles domestic agriculture
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How China can address threats to food and nutrition security from the coronavirus outbreak
IFPRI Blog – Issue Post, 12 February




ASEAN has critical role to play in tackling COVID-19 Challenges
Malay Mail, 12 November

Intensity of COVID-19 likely to increase in Winter: India PM
The Daily Star, 18 November

JULY 2020

AmCham puts steps forward to support marginal farmers
The Daily Star, 06 July

Coronavirus: Second wace hits Asia as global cases continue to soar
New Scientist, 27 July

Modi stumbles: India’s deepening coronavirus crisis
Financial Review, 28 July

Pandemic raises concerns about food supply disruptions
The Korea Herald, 05 July

Recover and Prepare: Addressing The Urgent Need For Urban Resilience In India
Forbes, 27 July

Second wave of coronavirus in Asia prompts fresh lockdowns
The Chronicle Herald, 27 July

JUNE 2020

Agriculture in the spotlight in COVID-hit Bangladesh
Prothomalo, 30 June

Asean unity in the age of coronavirus
Bangkok Post, 30 June

Cambodia’s Food Insecurity Rises Due to COVID-19
OneWorld, 21 June

Covid-19 Impact: Singapore to fund rooftop farms to increase food security
The Eurasian Times, 08 June

FAO calls for innovative policies in Asia-Pacific to ensure food security amid COVID-19
Tehran Times, 24 June

FAO calls for more innovative policies in Asia-Pacific to ensure food security and nutrition in the wake of COVID-19
FAO, 22 June

Fighting Gender Inequality in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic
The Diplomat, 25 June

Food insecurity and hunger in Pakistan
The Express Tribune, 24 June

Food Security and COVID-19: Why India’s Public Distribution System Requires an Overhaul
EPW Engage, 19 June

Future of food security: How social enterprises are keeping up during Covid-19
The Daily Star, 17 June

Indonesia’s Food Security Under Threat
The Asean Post, 06 June

In Pakistan, pandemic could push millions more into poverty
UNDP, 18 June

In Sri Lanka, crop-destroying insects follow the COVID-19 pandemic
Mongabay, 17 June

India’s Comfort Food Tells the Story of Its Pandemic
The Atlantic, 13 June

Mamata Banerjee announces free ration in West Bengal till July 2021
Indian Express, 30 June

Pakistan locust situation worsens as swarms enter via Afghanistan
The New Indian Express, 12 June

Real cause of North-South Korea crisis: Covid-19
Asia Times, 23 June

The importance of agriculture for Pakistan’s future
Policy Forum, 25 June

The Latest: India reports biggest single-day spike in cases
570 News, 05 June

To achieve food security in post-lockdown Philippines, linking farmers to consumers is not enough
Eco-Business, 16 June

Vietnam earns more from rice export in 5 months
Xinhuanet, 11 June

MAY 2020

Amid COVID-19, Asia’s white rice is the new black gold
The Diplomat, 07 May

Australian PM’s call for virus inquiry may harm long-term China trade-business leaders
Financial Post, 01 May

Biggest lockdown to push 12 million people into extreme poverty
BNN Bloomberg, 27 May

Coronavirus | U.P., Bihar migrants can now avail ration portability
The Hindu, 01 May

Coronavirus lockdown: India announces free food for fleeing migrants
BBC News, 14 May

COVID-19 could help turn the tide on ocean health in Asia-Pacific
Modern Diplomacy, 17 May

COVID-19 in APAC: Food supply chain to be given ‘specific focus’ for economy regrowth as lockdowns in region relaxed
Food Navigator Asia, 13 May

COVID-19: India could play a crucial role in combating West Asia’s brewing food security crisis
Observer Research Foundation, 22 May

Desperate migrant workers hurl stones at officials in Kovvur
The Hindu, 05 May

For migrant workers, anxiety abounds about return to home towns and future jobs
The Hindu, 03 May

How Bhutan Remained Unscathed From COVID-19 Despite Being Surrounded By India & China?
EurAsian Times, 19 May

In a pickle: Lockdown hits procurement and processing of Midi Maavu
The Hindu, 04 May

India draws up Rs 1 billion Covid-19 medical assistance plan, targets 90 countries
Hindustan Times, 11 May

Lockdowns put ASEAN’s self-sufficiency in spotlight
ECNS, 18 May

Malaysia detains hundreds of refugees and migrants during COVID-19 lockdown: Rights groups
CNA, 01 May

Migrants take hardest virus hit
Bangkok Post, 27 May

Morning digest: India reaches out to Pak. to fight locusts, Maharashtra number pushes India’s daily COVID-19 tally to over 6,500, and more
The Hindu, May 23

Potential Coronavirus Vaccine Sends Asian Markets Upward Tuesday
VOA News, 19 May

Q&A: How communist-run India state became model in COVID-19 fight
Al Jazeera, 22 May

Returning migrant workers can be lured into profitable commercial agriculture, experts say
The Kathmandu Post, 12 May

South Korea coronavirus spike stirs second wave concern, social distancing crackdown
Daily Maverick, 29 May

Swarms of locusts threaten food security for millions in India amid COVID-19 pandemic
Sky News, 29 May

Thailand Asks Billionaires to Help Kickstart Stagnant Economy
Financial Post, 12 May

Vietnam assures PH of rice supply amid COVID-19 pandemic
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View: Ensuring food security during the pandemic
The Economic Times, 11 May

When the invisible disappeared: migrant labour in agriculture in the pandemic
Foundation for Agrarian Studies, May 2020

WPC: COVID-19 pandemic halts global trade of rice and cereals, creating a food security challenge
Potato News Today, 03 May

APRIL 2020 

100 million Indians fall through gaps in food safety net, economists urge rethink on COVID-19 relief
Scroll.in, 15 April

89% stranded migrants hadn’t been paid wages during lockdown period: report
Business Standard, 17 April

Abrupt planning, looming hunger
Economic & Political Weekly, 11 April

Addressing COVID-19 impacts on agriculture, food security, and livelihoods in India
IFPRI Blog, 08 April

A looming food import crisis
The Star, 13 April

As millions fear starvation, govt to convert ‘surplus’ rice into ethanol for sanitiser
The Wire, 21 April

As prices soar, thieves target milk packets
The Hindu, 27 April

Asia’s food chain resilience during COVID-19
Nutrition Connect – Blog 12, 20 April

Asia’s workers can’t afford to stay at home
The Economist, 18 April

Cambodia to ban some rice exports starting today to ensure local food security
Foreign Brief, 05 April

‘Can’t fight COVID-19 alone’: ASEAN leaders call for urgent collaboration in food security and open trade
Food Navigator-Asia.com, 27 April

Chhattisgarh: 12-year-old migrant girl walks 150-km, dies just before reaching home in Bijapur
Mirror Now, 21 April

Construction workers stranded near Meerut run out of food
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Containing COVID-19 impacts on Indian agriculture
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Coronavirus: can Asia’s small businesses survive COVID-19?
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Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Food security and Food independence
Times of India, 10 April

Coronavirus exposes ASEAN divisions on rice security
Nikkei Asian Review, 15 April

Coronavirus finds fuel in a world of migrants
The New York Times, 10 April

Coronavirus: Food insecurity, malnutrition, poverty may escalate in developing world amid COVID-19, says IFPRI
Deccan Herald, 07 April

Coronavirus has revealed just how much our cities exclude the poor
The Wire, 01 April

Coronavirus in India: desperate migrant workers trapped in lockdown
BBC News, 22 April

Coronavirus in India: In 13 states, NGOs fed more people than govt did during lockdown
India Today, 09 April

Coronavirus: India allows small shops to reopen
BBC News, 25 April

Coronavirus lockdown: As hunger grows, the fear of starvation is real
The Wire, 16 April

Coronavirus lockdown: Nobel prize economist says India must do more for poor
BBC News, 24 April

Coronavirus: Mondelez India to donate 71 tonnes of biscuits, chocolate in 12 cities
Deccan Herald, 15 April

Coronavirus: new $30m grant launched to speed up local production of eggs, vegetables and fish
The Straits Times, 08 April

Coronavirus outbreak: COVID-19 exposes lacunae in India’s food security, system needs overhaul from production to last-mile delivery
Firstpost, 23 April

Coronavirus puts India on highway to hunger: despite bumper harvest why food riots lurk
Outlook, 13 April

Coronavirus: Railways distributes over 1 million food plates to needy
India Today, 12 April

Coronavirus would reset distances, labour market: experts
The Economic Times, 04 April

COVID-19: Association urges govt to prioritise domestic food security
Malay Mail, 02 April

COVID-19 crisis: Indiaspora raises $800,000 for food security in US and India
CNBCTV18, 18 April

COVID-19 crisis: RTE Forum wants Modi to ensure food security, health for children
Counterview, 01 April

COVID-19 in ASEAN: ‘Protectionist’ measures threaten global supply chains as lockdowns persist
Food Navigator Asia, 14 April

COVID-19 is a global crisis – but also an opportunity for new co-operation
Daily Maverick, 20 April

COVID-19 lockdown sparks harvest crises in Pakistan, India
Anadolu Agency, 10 April

COVID-19: Maintaining food security in Asia Pacific
Inter Press Service News Agency, 16 April

COVID-19 pandemic highlights importance of strengthening Singapore’s food security, say experts
CNA, 19 April

COVID-19 pandemic puts paddy harvesting under threat in Bangladesh
Dhaka Tribune, 14 April

COVID-19 payback: Pakistan flour industry calls for tax exemptions in light of ‘hard work’ during pandemic
Food Navigator Asia, 22 April

COVID-19: Some foreign workers feel ‘safer’ in dorms, others lament lack of enforcement, cramped spaces
Today Online, 17 April

COVID-19: ‘Suraksha Stores’ to meet daily needs on anvil
Times of India, 12 April

Data | 96% migrant workers did not get rations from the government, 90% did not receive wages during lockdown: survey
The Hindu, 20 April

Deliveroo says its top rider earned S$7,095 in March, but other riders sceptical
Today, 20 April

DITO pushes to address food security during enhanced community quarantine
Inquirer.Net, 18 April

Economists anticipate food shortage if pandemic prolongs
Geo News, 02 April

ECoR dispatches 191 train-load of rice during lock down
The Hindu, 28 April

Ensuring food security in the COVID-19 era
The Asean Post, 14 April

Excess stocks of the food corporation of India must be released to the poor
The Indian EXPRESS, 09 April

Experts: Bangladesh’s food security not at stake, access to all needs to be ensured
Dhaka Tribune, 13 April

Farmers are at their wits’ end
The Hindu, 07 April

Food for the poor
The Sentinel, 01 April

Food Rights Activists ask why Delhi hasn’t distributed additional food grains
The Wire, 16 April

Food security at stake
The Tribune India, 03 April

Food security fears starting to threaten Asian rice exports
Manila Bulletin, 04 April

Food security in the time of COVID-19
Inquirer.Net, 06 April

For Indian migrants in the Gulf it is a financial rather than a health crisis
Open Democracy, 20 April

How India’s food-based safety net is responding to the COVID-19 lockdown
IFPRI Blog, 06 April

ICAR assessing impact of COVID-19 lockdown on agriculture, allied sectors
Outlook India, 05 April

‘I just want to go home’: the desperate millions hit by Modi’s brutal lockdown
The Guardian, 04 April

Impossible foods, beyond meat eye bigger cut of COVID-19 driven growth in Asia’s plant-based foods segment
South China Morning Post, 26 April

In India, coronavirus fans religious hatred
The New York Times, 12 April

India Besieged
Project Syndicate, 06 April

India may be forgetting over 100 million people in its coronavirus relief measures
Quartz India, 17 April

Indians try to flee unsanitary, overcrowded COVID-19 quarantine centres
CNA, 24 April

India’s coronavirus relief plan could leave millions without food aid, activists say
National Post, 10 April

India’s food security discussed at WTO amidst COVID-19 pandemic
The Hindu Business Line, 02 April

India’s food system in the time of COVID-19
Economic & Political Weekly, 11 April

India’s ration story: mounting stocks but hungry mouths
Rediff, 17 April

India COVID-19 lockdown means no food or work for rural poor
Al Jazeera, 03 April

Indian farmers struggle to harvest, sell crops during COVID restrictions
VOA News, 08 April

Lockdown causes labour shortage in harvest time
The Financial Express, 10 April

Machines come to rescue amid lockdown-linked labourer problem
The Hindu, 21 April

Maximum lockdown pain for the densely populated Maximum City
Times of India, 12 April

Migrant workers’ dorms were always ticking time bombs. Singapore’s failure to act sooner is inexcusable.
Rice Media, 06 April

Migrant workers in MCO: On daily wages, in a daily life-or-death battle
The Star, 12 April

Migrant workers returning home could spread coronavirus in sub-continent
Times of India, 12 April

Migrant workers sprayed with disinfectant in one Indian state
CNN, 01 April

Mobility restrictions may disrupt food distribution to some regions
The Jakarta Post, 09 April

‘More than 100mn excluded from PDS as govt uses outdated census 2011 data’
IndiaSpend, 16 April

More than 400 people turned away on first day of enforced restricted entry at 4 wet markets: NEA
CNA, 24 April

NEA to provide S$500 to hawkers who get on food delivery platforms during circuit breaker period
Today Online, 18 April

‘New and lasting habits’: Singapore’s online shopping surge will persist after COVID-19
Food Navigator Asia, 29 April

No escape from environmental distress as migrants return home in pandemic lockdown
Mongabay News, 07 April

No food, no money – millions struggling for food in India
CGTN, 27 April

‘No profit, no food’: lockdown in Kabul prompts hunger fears
The Guardian, 01 April

No regular income for 74% low-earning families in Ahmedabad since lockdown, finds IIM survey
The Print, 15 April

Not all migrant workers received dry rations
The Hindu, 18 April

Packed with migrant workers, dormitories fuel coronavirus in Singapore
The New York Times, 28 April

Pakistan doctors beaten by police as they despair of ‘untreatable’ pandemic
The Guardian, 09 April

Partial lockdown from today: MHA issues SOP for agriculture, industry
The Wire, 19 April

Perishables take toll on farmers
The Financial Express, 05 April

Powered by fear, Indians embrace coronavirus lockdown
The New York Times, 19 April

President greets people on harvest festivals, lauds contribution of farmers
Times of India, 13 April

Primark and Matalan among retailers allegedly cancelling £2.4bn orders in ‘catastrophic’ move for Bangladesh
The Guardian, 02 April

PM: No food crisis in Bangladesh
Dhaka Tribune, 13 April

PM to wealthy, affluent: Distribute relief in a coordinated manner
Dhaka Tribune, 13 April

Punjab tops in transporting food grains during lock down
The Economic Times, 05 April

Returning migrants a threat to rural areas: MHA
The Hindu, 27 April

Rice export continues despite pandemic and natural disasters
Nhân Dân, 21 April

Rice exports from India fall amid coronavirus lockdown
Grain Mart News, 07 April

Rice-ing concern: COVID-19 creates supply and price volatility for Asia’s most ‘cost-sensitive’ crop
Food Navigator-Asia.com, 22 April

Rumour of food running out at school leads to near-stampede in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri
The Hindu, 20 April

Sabah food security: failing to prepare is preparing to fail
The Star, 08 April

Sabah vegetables for Kuala Lumpur market soon, says state Agriculture Minister
The Star, 13 April

Safeguarding Singapore’s food security at the national and household levels during coronavirus pandemic
The Straits Times, 06 April

‘Serious consequences’: ASEAN COVID-19 lockdowns heighten food supply fears
Food Navigator Asia, 01 April

‘Shoot them dead’: Duterte warns against violating lockdown
Al Jazeera, 01 April

Singapore had a model coronavirus response, then cases spiked. What happened?
CNN, 19 April

Slum in Bengaluru sealed after 10 people test positive for COVID-19
NDTV, 23 April

South Asia: Governments must protect livelihoods from COVID-19
MarketScreener, 07 April

Staple foods safe, but masks, sanitizer gone from markets as consumer behavior shifts
The Jakarta Post, 02 April

State govts working to ensure home delivery of essential items in COVID-19 hotspots
Times of India, 12 April

Supporting Cambodian farmers during the COVID-19 pandemic
International Fund for Agricultural Development, 17 April

Thailand has no plans to restrict rice exports: official
Vietnam Plus, 03 April

Thailand’s COVID-19 ‘war’: Local food production centre of focus as government guarantees supplies
Food Navigator Asia, 06 April

The Big Read: Global supply chain shock has farmers dumping food as consumers fret over shortages, price hikes
Today Online, 18 April

The COVID-19 crisis in India
College de France, 13 April

The hidden cost of a pandemic
Fortune India, 05 April

The pandemic exposes India’s apathy toward migrant workers
The Atlantic, 12 April

Vietnam’s ‘rice ATMs’ help the poor affected by virus lockdown
Al Jazeera, 13 April

Virus reveals mistakes Singapore has made with migrant workers
South China Morning Post, 24 April

We need a food security body
The Star, 15 April

‘We’re in a prison’: Singapore’s migrant workers suffer as COVID-19 surges back
The Guardian, 23 April

What does the COVID-19 lockdown mean for food security?
The Wire, 06 April

Why Asia’s wet markets are being unfairly targeted in bad pandemic press
South China Morning Post, 25 April

Will coronavirus lockdown cause food shortages in India?
BBC News, 07 April

 MARCH 2020

320 million children worldwide missing out on meals due to COVID-19: WFP
DownToEarth, 24 March

APMC Mumbai to shut fruit, vegetable markets every Thursday till month end 
The Economic Times, 19 March

Changing lives in times of uncertainty: how innovative agriculture builds resilience
IFAD, 30 March

Chaos and hunger amid India coronavirus lockdown
Al Jazeera, 27 March

COVID-19 could impact food security in Sri Lanka
Colombo Gazette , 21 March

COVID-19 impact: India Inc launches startup to feed the poor
The Economic Times , 27 March

COVID-19: India Supreme Court asks government to prevent migration of people due to coronavirus
World Asia, 31 March

COVID-19: Kerala starts delivering free food at doorsteps by setting up community kitchens
Deccan Herald, 28 March

COVID-19 lockdown risks lives in the Philippines
Asia Times, 22 March

COVID-19: Lockdown triggers reverse migration in Karnataka
The Hindu, 27 March

COVID-19 pandemic: India has little to fear about its food security
MoneyControl.com, 24 March

DA asks for add’l P31B to ensure food security amid COVID-19
GMA News Online, 25 March

Don’t allow the coronavirus to open up another front
IFAD, 31 March

Farmers left stranded with fruit and veggies lying in the fields 
The Economic Times, 27 March

Farm workers, agriculture companies exempted from lockdown: Home Ministry
The Economic Times, 27 March

FCI transports 6.71 lakh tonnes of food grains during lockdown 
The Economic Times , 30 March

Food security fears are starting to threaten Asian rice exports
Bloomberg, 31 March

For a billion Indians, lockdown has not prevented tragedy
The Guardian, 29 March

For India’s laborers, coronavirus lockdown is an order to starve
The New York Times, 30 March

Garment workers face destitution as COVID-19 closes factories
The Guardian, 19 March

Govt exempts procurement agencies, mandis, farming operations, farm workers from lockdown rules 
The Economic Times, 27 March

India is enforcing the harshest and most extensive COVID-19 lockdown in the world
Quartz India, 31 March

India’s coronavirus lockdown leaves vast numbers stranded and hungry
The New York Times, 29 March

India’s coronavirus lockdown will hit women and migrant workers hardest
The Conversation, 26 March

India’s exodus of starving migrant workers ‘a bigger problem than coronavirus itself’, say judges
Independent, 30 March

India Lockdown: About 1,600 fruit, vegetable mandis functioning; 300 more to operate from Friday, says Agri Min
The Economic Times, 26 March

India racked by greatest exodus since partition due to coronavirus
The Guardian, 30 March

India tries to stem migrant worker exodus amid coronavirus lockdown
The Wall Street Journal, 29 March

Journalists capture heartbreaking images of jobless migrants walking home after COVID-19 lockdown
News18.com, 26 March

Lockdown may not be enough to contain coronavirus spread in India: Rajan 
The Economic Times, 27 March

Mass exodus, rising count: In first weekend under lockdown, India adjusts to new normal
The Economic Times, 29  March

Mass exodus sparks coronavirus concerns in India
CNN, 30 March

Modi govt’s COVID-19 package not enough, people need food security: Sachin Pilot
The Print, 31 March

Modi seeks ‘forgiveness’ from India’s poor over COVID-19 lockdown
Al Jazeera , 29 March

No work, no money: how self-isolation due to COVID-19 pandemic punishes the poor in Indonesia
The Conversation, 20 March

Pakatan MPs press Putrajaya for info on food security, travel ban during COVID-19 shutdown
MalayMail, 17 March

Rice mills come to standstill despite exemption from lockdown 
The Economic Times, 26 March

SC asks govt: What steps taken to stop exodus of workers?
The Times of India, 31 March

Thai rice exports get a boost from global COVID-19 scare
National Thailand, 13 March

Vietnam suspends rice exports to ensure food security
VN Express, 25 March

Vietnam to stockpile 270,000 tonnes rice to ensure food security amid virus spread
National Post, 27 March

‘We will starve here’: India’s poor flee cities in mass exodus
Bloomberg, 30 March

Worried about coronavirus, India tries to head off a mass Hindu pilgrimage
The New York Times, 19 March




COVID-19 worsening food insecurity, driving displacement
Modern Diplomacy, 11 November

Embracing technology can power Africa’s post-COVID recovery
African Business, 16 November

FG pledges to ensure food security in post COVID-19 era: Nigeria
The Nation, 18 November

Mitigating the COVID-19 fallout in Africa through infrastructure investment
Triple Pundit, 13 November

Nigeria: Boost Food Production, Analysts Urge Govt as Inflation Hits 14.23%
All Africa, 17 November

Trash for cash: South Africans fight hunger with digital currency
World Economic Forum, 18 November

WFP says heavy flooding worsens food insecurity in South Sudan
Xinhuanet, 18 November

JULY 2020

$165 Million COVID-19 Grant For Ethiopia By African Development Fund
EABW News, 03 July 

Calls mount for solidarity with Africa as Covid-19 worsens livelihood of poor Africans
IOL, 04 July

Civil society groups that mobilised around COVID-19 face important choices
Daily Maverick, 05 July

Coronavirus – Africa: Amid COVID-19, African church leaders say availing quality seeds to farmers can help beat food insecurity
Africa News, 03 July

Coronavirus – Egypt: The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) Launches a Euro15 Million Project in Egypt with The German Development Bank
Africa News, 27 July

Coronavirus – Africa: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) launches Hand-in-Hand geospatial data platform to help build stronger food and agriculture sectors post COVID-19
Africa News, 21 July

Coronavirus – Africa: World food Programme (WFP) East Africa COVID-19 Update, 23 July 2020
EIN Presswire, 24 July

Coronavirus: Kenya beats back desert locust upsurge for now, but East Africa remains at risk
Africa News, 28 July

Coronavirus – South Africa: Building African Economic Resilience is key for Continental Prosperity, says Minister Patel in briefing African Union Ministers
Africa News, 28 July

Food security and Covid-19: What next for the country?
The Star, 06 July

Has COVID-19 Sparked Another Revolution in Zanzibar?
The Elephant, 04 July

More than 19 mln people can face food insecurity in west, central Africa: Report
DownToEarth, 22 July

Preventing Covid-19 from becoming a hunger crisis in Africa
Mail & Guardian, 02 July

S Africa Highlights Plans For Economic Growth Post COVID-19
Republic World, 26 July

SA school nutrition programme has resumed: Motshekga
Times Live, 05 July

South Africa faces mass hunger if efforts to offset impact of COVID-19 are eased
Medical Press, 27 July

Taking It Slow in the Kwazulu-Natal Midlands
Slow Food, 03 July

Trapped in Crises: Millions of People in Congo Face Acute Food Insecurity
Slow Food, 27 July

Will COVID-19 Be a Wake Up Call for Africa’s Largest Economy?
Brink, 26 July

JUNE 2020

Africa: Assessing the COVID-19 Impact on SMEs and Preparing for a New Normal
AllAfrica, 22 June

African experts urge a ‘special focus’ on agriculture in post-COVID recovery
Alliance for Science, 16 June

Africa is facing a food crisis due to COVID-19. These seeds could help prevent it
World Economic Forum, 30 June

Analysis-ready satellite data for all of Africa to support COVID-19 response and recovery
Geospatial World, 15 June

A Technology Win in the Fight For Food Security
AgWeb, 07 June

Coronavirus – Africa: Fighting COVID-19 in Africa’s informal settlements
EIN News, 08 June

Coronavirus – Africa: Joint Statement on the Role of a Sustainable Ocean Economy in a post-COVID-19 World
CNBC Africa, 08 June

Coronavirus – Food Safety Day: Everyone has a role to play
CNBC Africa, 07 June

Coronavirus in Africa: 209,380 cases; 5,689 deaths; 95,084 recoveries
Africa News, 11 June

Covid-19 cases climb to 73,533 in SA with 88 more deaths
Times Live, 16 June

COVID-19 compounds crisis facing Somalia
CGTN Africa, 17 June

COVID-19 disrupts Africa’s seed supply, threatening food security
Genetic Literacy Project 24 June

Covid-19 exposes SA to accelerated food-security threat, says FairPlay
Independent Online, 25 June

COVID-19: Food prices hit 15.03% high in 2 years
The Guardian, 07 June

COVID-19: How the pandemic is disrupting agriculture systems & food security in Africa
CNBC Africa, 25 June

COVID-19 IMPACT: Livelihood of Egyptian small farmers plagued by remittance slump
Egypt Today, 25 June

Covid-19 is teaching us how to design healthier cities
Mail & Guardian, 15 June

COVID-19 Spread Speeding up in Africa, WHO says
VOA News, 12 June

COVID-19 Threatens to Push 33 Million Children in Africa Into Poverty, Warns Save the Children
Global Citizen, 15 June

COVID -19’s impact on the livelihoods of informal traders in Zimbabwe
Modern Diplomacy, 16 June

Decline of global remittances hits rural families hardest
The Herald, 16 June

Economic impact of COVID-19: Protecting Africa’s food systems from farm to fork
Brookings, 19 June

End food insecurity across Africa through agricultural change
The Africa Report, 30 June

EU offers Kenya 73 mln USD to contain spread of COVID-19
Xinhuanet, 08 June

FAO calls for immediate investment to sustain Africa’s agriculture post Covid-19
Times of India, 03 June

Food security in Africa during COVID-19
The Reporter, 13 June

Govt To Launch Programmes Supporting Youth Investments In Agribusiness
Capital FM Kenya, 08 June

[IN NUMBERS] Coronavirus Update: COVID-19 In Africa
Forbes Africa, 10 June

Kenya coronavirus cases hit record high
The EastAfrican, 17 June

Kenya roots for functional food trade system amid COVID-19 disruptions
Xinhuanet, 07 June

Lockdown: President loses support, 60% of SA citizens concerned about food security – survey
All4Women, 17 June

Malawi COVID-19 Cases Rise as Citizens Return from South Africa
VOA News, 02 June

Multiplying crises: The coronavirus in Sudan
ECFR, 08 June

Nigeria’s Inflation Rises on Food Costs and Weak Currency
Bloomberg, 17 June

Opinion: NGOs are withdrawing from Africa when surge capacity is needed most
Devex, 23 June

SADC Regional Response to COVID-19 Pandemic Bulletin No. 6
SADC, 06 June

SA records sharp drop in foreign direct investment
Business Day, 17 June

South Africa: MEC Ivan Meyer On Food Safety As Shared Responsibility During COVID-19 Pandemic
AllAfrica, 07 June

Staple food prices continue to increase in Sudan
Dabanga, 05 June

State concern for food security queried amid deep budget cuts
The Standard, 16 June

The Critical Role of Women in Avoiding a Covid-19 “Food Pandemic” in sub-Saharan Africa
IPS News, 24 June

UN chief: COVID-19 compounds dire situation in Mali, Sahel
CTV News, 05 June

UNICEF West and Central Africa Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Report No. 3
UNICEF, 05 June

US-Africa Coronavirus Fight Is Multi-Front Battle
VOA News, 04 June

U.S. farming body and Zambian firm partner aim to boost crop yields
The Chronicle Herald, 21 June

WHO regional director urges supply chain focus to ensure food safety
Food Safety News, 12 June

WFP Kenya COVID-19 Supply Chain and Markets Update
WFP, 12 June

World Bank’s Response to COVID-19 (Coronavirus) in Africa
World Bank, 02 June

MAY 2020

Africa in the news: Burundi, Benin, South Sudan, and COVID-19 updates
Brookings, 23 May

Africa: Inadequate Diets Are Making Populations Vulnerable to COVID-19
allAfrica, 18 May

AGCO Agriculture Foundation Launches COVID-19 Aid Program with $100,000 Donation to the World Food Program USA
Financial Post, 21 May

Al-Mashat: COVID-19 acted as ‘catalyst’ for innovation in Africa
Egypt Today, 23 May

A novel idea: integrating urban and rural safety nets in Africa during the pandemic
The Conversation, 03 May

Amid lockdown fears, COVID-19 threatens Ethiopia’s urban poor
Ethiopian Insight, 04 May

Cameroon Eases Coronavirus Lockdown, But Neighbors Block Access
VOA News, 01 May

Community forum battles to feed the hungry in Bonteheuwel
Daily Maverick, 25 May

Coronavirus – Africa: Addressing the impacts of COVID-19 in food crises (May update)
Africa News, 18 May

Coronavirus – Africa: Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) makes gains in the fight against Desert Locusts in East Africa and Yemen but threat of a food security crisis remains
Africa News, 11 May

Coronavirus, floods and locust swarms: Kenya is fighting a ‘triple whammy’ of crises
CNBC, 18 May

Coronavirus: South Africa Covid-19 deaths ‘to soar’ in coming months
BBC, 20 May

Coronavirus – South Africa: Minister Thoko Didiza – Outcome of the Coronavirus Covid-19 Agricultural Disaster Fund application process
Africa News, 18 May

Covid-19 and African children: The untold story
Mail & Guardian, 04 May

Covid-19 and Aviation in Africa – What is the new possible?
Lexology, 19 May

COVID-19 could deepen food insecurity, malnutrition in Africa
Reliefweb, 14 May

‘COVID-19 could deepen malnutrition in Africa’
Anadolu Agency, 15 May

COVID-19 could infect more than 200 million in Africa: WHO study
Daily Sabah, 15 May

COVID-19 endangers Africa’s rural economies as conservation efforts come under strain
DW, 28 May

COVID: FAO needs $350m to avert rising hunger
BusinessGhana, 19 May

Covid-19 in Africa: The good news and the bad
Mail & Guardian, 02 May

Covid-19: Kenya’s cases rise to 1,214 as 22 more test positive
The East African, 24 May

COVID-19 Poses Disproportionate Threat To African Women
The Organization for World Peace, 18 May

COVID-19-related knowledge, attitudes, and practices in urban slums in Nairobi, Kenya
Harvard Dataverse

COVID-19 response must target African ag and the rural poor
Africa Times, 17 May

COVID-19 to reverse southern Africa’s industrial, trade gains: SADC official
Xinhua, 29 May

COVID-19 underscores need to overhaul social policies across Africa
International Growth Centre, May 2020

Distributing food parcels the M4Jam way
Business Maverick, 17 May

East & Horn of Africa: IPC Food Security Phase Classification, Desert Locusts & COVID-19
Reliefweb, 19 May

East Africa preparing to face twin ‘Biblical plagues’: COVID-19 and desert locusts
Crux, 06 May

Eastleigh residents protest containment measures
Daily Nation, 12 May

EXCLUSIVE: Lockdown disaster dwarfs Covid-19, say SA actuaries
Financial Mail, 05 May

Explainer: why COVID-19 provides a lesson for Africa to fund social assistance
The Conversation, 03 May

Famine in the time of pandemic
The Whig, 01 May

Father and son feeding scheme in Newclare a beacon of hope during Covid-19 lockdown
Daily Maverick, 14 May

Fear of COVID-19 Slows Trucking in East Africa
Voa News, 21 May

Foodgrains bank working to prevent famine
The Whig, 29 May

Food insecurity in West Africa could leave 43 million at risk as coronavirus hits
UN News, 05 May

Food Sector Workers Fight For Survival While Companies Rush To Make COVID-19 Donations – Union
New Zimbabwe, 25 May

Food Security: €188m African Development Bank loan to boost COVID-19 response
Farmers Review Africa, 22 May

Forgotten newspaper hawkers to get food relief
Times Live, 23 May

Gauteng informal traders losing hope of accessing Covid-19 relief
Daily Maverick, 19 May

Ghana lifts the lockdown: Has the government reneged on its commitment to contain COVID-19 at all costs?
International Growth Centre, May 2020

“Global solidarity with Africa is an imperative”
UN, 20 May

Hope for Africa During Covid-19 Pandemic
YaleGlobal, 26 May

How red tape is hampering the hungry from receiving food in South Africa
Daily Maverick, 05 May

How the threat of COVID-19 is affecting people across Africa
World Economic Forum, 06 May

Hunger looms thanks to Covid red tape and rigid supply lines
Financial Mail, 22 May

In vast Kenya camp, refugee journalists on coronavirus front line
Al Jazeera, 27 May

Just hoping coronavirus will bypass Africa, would be a deadly mistake
Modern Diplomacy, 22 May

Kenya slum demolition sparks protests amid virus restrictions
Africa News, 12 May

Life has become unbearable for migrants in SA amid coronavirus lockdown
News 24, 27 May

Lockdown Diaries: The politics of food parcels in Cape Town
Daily Maverick, 13 May

Lockdown in South Africa can no longer be justified
Daily Maverick, 13 May

Lockdown measures gazetted
The Herald, 19 May

Lockdown: One in three adults in SA goes to bed hungry, according to latest research
News 24, 20 May

Mozambique’s response to COVID-19: Challenges and questions
International Growth Centre, May 2020

Not all of Jo’burg’s street traders can sell their wares under lockdown
Mail & Guardian, 18 May

Over 15 000 farmers approved for COVID-19 relief fund
The South African, 18 May

Over 50,000 deaths registered during lockdown unrelated to Covid-19
Times Live, 19 May

Pandemic Poses Double Challenges for African Pastoralists
VOA News, 28 May

‘People are more scared of hunger’: coronavirus is just one more threat in Nigeria
The Guardian, 15 May

READ IN FULL: Ramaphosa announces eased restrictions
Business Day, 24 May

Retool annual budgets toward agriculture production and expand food reserves, as COVID-19 exacerbates food scarcity, urges African Development Institute seminar
Africa News, 22 May

SADC states need to secure food for citizenry during COVID-19 lockdowns
The Southern Times, 01 May

Sassa tells frustrated R350 relief grant applicants to ‘give payment process more time’
Times Live, 27 May

Seven ways technology can ensure food security
Daily Nation, 23 May

Smallholders get R500m approved for Covid-19 agri disaster fund
Bizcommunity, 19 May

Solidarity Fund changes tack on food aid
Sunday Times, 24 May

South Africa: End Bias in COVID-19 Food Aid
Human Rights Watch, 20 May

South Africa’s 24-hour trend report – 18 May 2020
Daily Maverick, 19 May

South Africa’s rand firmer as COVID-19 vaccine hopes boost risk demand
Nasdaq, 19 May

Strengthening Agriculture and Food Security in Senegal in the Face of the COVID-19 Crisis
Modern Diplomacy, 14 May

The Dangers Lockdowns Pose Across Africa
US News, 06 May

The Latest: South Africa has backlog of nearly 100,000 tests
570 News, 29 May

Turning the tide: We need to work in order not to starve
Daily Maverick, 12 May

Under COVID-19 lockdowns, 32 million Africans would be severely food deprived
London School of Economics and Political Science, 11 May

Up to 2-million jobs could be lost in Gauteng’s version of Great Depression
Business Day, 19 May

Villagers run on empty as Covid-19 lockdown drags on
Daily Maverick, 12 May

‘We can’t turn them away’: the family kitchen fighting lockdown hunger in Zimbabwe
The Guardian, 20 May

We wanted to know how coronavirus affects Nairobi’s slum residents. What we found
The Conversation, 05 May

What impact will Covid-19 have on food security in Africa?
African Law & Business, 12 May

What South Africa needs to forge a resilient social compact for Covid-19
The Conversation, 13 May

With no deaths, Namibia to further ease coronavirus lockdown
Daily Maverick, 29 May

Why covid-19 seems to spread more slowly in Africa
The Economist, 16 May

 APRIL 2020

3 tons of food were burned in Zimbabwe by police trying to enforce social distancing
Business Insider South Africa, 16 April

‘Afraid, but my spaza’s open’
Mail and Guardian, 08 April

Africa: Coronavirus – IFAD Chief and Idris Elba join to help farmers
allAfrica, 20 April

Africa: fragile African health systems face COVID-19 catastrophe
allAfrica, 01 April

Alexandra residents queueing for food parcels, fed with rubber bullets
The South African, 14 April

ANC members accused of selling food parcels, giving them to friends
City Press, 26 April

An increase in liquor store burglaries giving Cele a headache
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At war with COVID-19: opportunities for Africa?
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A virus without borders: “is Africa fully prepared to embrace the fight against the pandemic of the 21st century?”
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Boost for Kenya’s farmers as children lend a hand during coronavirus
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Border closures cause delays in moving goods across East Africa
The East African, 08 April

Burkina Faso crisis and COVID-19 concerns highlight pressure on Sahel food security
UN News, 02 April

Call for child grant increase to ease lockdown food crisis
Daily Maverick, 18 April

‘Cash and food – not more soldiers’
Daily Maverick, 23 April

Chaos, misery as Kenyans hit hard by Nairobi order
Daily Nation, 08 April

Clashes between cops and shops over COVID-19 lockdown
Times Live, 05 April

Congo’s lockdown extension bites traders
AfricaNews, 27 April

Coronavirus in Africa: what happens next?
The Guardian, 08 April

Coronavirus: South Africa deploys 70,000 troops to enforce lockdown
BBC News, 22 April

Coronavirus surges in Djibouti as population ignores measures
Al Jazeera, 24 April

County re-opens livestock markets
Standard Digital Media, 13 April

COVID-19: Are agricultural workers being protected?
GroundUp, 01 April

COVID-19: City of Cape Town and national government bicker over housing of refugees
Daily Maverick, 08 April

COVID-19: Dambuza youth donate groceries to locked down street hawkers
GroundUp, 03 April

COVID-19 economic and food security implications in East Africa
ReliefWeb, 01 April

COVID-19: Ethiopia to quarantine over 20,000 street dwellers
Daily Nation, 11 April

COVID-19 Exclusive: Lesotho’s Majoro pleads with Basotho not to return home
Eye Witness News, 15 April

COVID-19: FAO and African Union commit to safeguarding food security amid crisis
Relief Web, 16 April

COVID-19: Filthy toilets, no water… fighting the virus in Upington’s informal settlements
GroundUp, 03 April

COVID-19 food crisis: funding to feed only 32 kids out of 600 under age of 5 in Touws River
IOL, 24 April

COVID-19: Food security and wellness are likely to be compromised
City Press, 03 April

COVID-19: Homeless immigrants say they were rounded up by officials, driven around and dumped
GroundUp, 20 April

COVID-19 in Africa: navigating short and long term strategies
African Arguments, 22 April

COVID-19: Inequality and violence
Daily Maverick, 08 April

COVID-19: Informal traders will need support after the lockdown
Daily Maverick, 23 April

COVID-19: Lagos assures residents of adequate food supply 
The Nation, 05 April

COVID-19 lockdown needs to protect inner-city communities
Daily Maverick, 03 April

COVID-19: Moroccan NGO delivers food aid to single mothers
AfricaNews, 14 April

COVID-19 pandemic: A potential threat to global food security?
AgriBusiness, 01 April

COVID-19: “People are going on like there is no crisis” in Masiphumelele
GroundUp, 21 April

COVID-19: Police use rubber bullets to stop homeless people leaving camp
GroundUp, 07 April

COVID-19: Protest action threatened as informal traders receive ‘preferential’ treatment
GroundUp, 10 April

COVID-19 responses in Africa might include migrants and refugees
Daily Maverick, 08 April

COVID-19: SASSA runs out of food parcels in Uitenhage
GroundUp, 22 April

COVID-19 shouldn’t lead to food crisis in Africa, AGRA President warns
News Ghana, 07 April

COVID-19: Spaza shop owners under pressure to stay open after hours
GroundUp, 10 April

COVID-19: Supermarkets turn away customers with high body temperature
New Zimbabwe, 05 April

COVID-19 threatens to starve Africa
Bloomberg, 27 April

COVID-19: Why buying time was vital
Mail & Guardian, 16 April

COVID-19 will have a negative impact on food security – Experts
Premium Times, 09 April

Dan Kriek: we need to monitor food security as closely as our health
News24, 05 April

Delivery of essentials delayed by lockdown
The Namibian, 09 April

Diaspora remittances collapse
NewsdzeZimbabwe, 06 April

Distressed farmers to get access to R1.2bn government grant
Business Day, 06 April

Doctors sue Zimbabwe government over lack of COVID-19 protective equipment
The Guardian, 09 April

Dodgy meals – it’s not what it looks like, says supplier
Daily Maverick, 21 April

Dome Market shut down after traders failed to observe social distancing
Myjoyonline.com, 04 April

DR Congo’s children already threatened by killer epidemics, now comes coronavirus
VOA News, 02 April

Dying of hunger or falling ill: Africa’s dilemma facing the coronavirus
Standard Digital Media, 15 April

East Africa: EAC wants foods security uplifted
allAfrica, 15 April

Economic impact of COVID-19 on tourism and remittances: Insights from Egypt
IFPRI Blog Post, 01 April

‘Emphasis on value chain, home-grown food prepares Nigeria for COVID-19’
The Guardian, 13 April

Fear and frustration mounting as Eastern Cape communities await food parcels
Maverick Citizen, 09 April

Figures of the week: Perceptions of COVID-19 in South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria
Africa in Focus, 02 April

Food parcel discrimination under scrutiny as Western Cape becomes COVID-19 epicentre
Daily Maverick, 24 April

Food prices stable in Kigali, fail in upcountry districts
The New Times, 04 April

Food rations to 1.4 million refugees cut in Uganda due to funding shortfall
The Guardian, 14 April

Food relief for nearly 100 000 people in Gauteng since lockdown – Makhura
News24, 16 April

Food truck looting threatens to exacerbate hunger in Western Cape
Daily Maverick, 23 April

Food trucks looted as lockdown enters its fourth week
Time Live, 20 April

For the thousands in ‘Spruit’ Covid-19 has no meaning on an empty stomach
Daily Maverick, 30 April

Foreigners targeted in Central African Republic as coronavirus fears grow
The Guardian, 10 April

Fresh headache for Harare as SA states deport illegal settlers
The EastAfrican, 19 April

Fruit and vegetables impounded during Zimbabwe lockdown
Times Live, 03 April

Govt targets producing 415 000 tonnes of wheat
The Herald, 04 April

Hostels and campsites pressed into service as lockdown shelters for homeless
Daily Maverick, 03 April

‘Huge’ numbers of people stopped trying to get to homes in EC
Times Live, 10 April

Hundreds detained in Zimbabwe for breaking lockdown rules
Times Live, 02 April

Hunger in time of protests, looting: ‘People are looking all over for food’
News24, 15 April

Hunger rages as SA told lockdown lift will be incremental
Daily Maverick, 17 April

‘I am going to buy extra food’ – Diepsloot residents rejoice at six-month grant increase
News24, 22 April

‘If it comes, it will overwhelm us’: Malawi braces for coronavirus
The Guardian, 03 April

Impacts of the COVID-19 crisis on vegetable value chains in Ethiopia
IFPRI Blog Post, 13 April

Improving the living conditions of cash transfer agents could curb the spread of COVID-19
African Arguments, 15 April

INSIDE LABOUR: A terrible choice – coronavirus or hunger
Fin24, 17 April

‘Instead of Coronavirus, the Hunger Will Kill Us.’ A Global Food Crisis Looms.
The New York Times, 22 April

‘It’s an invisible disaster’: Gift of the Givers food parcels, soup kitchens help prevent lockdown hunger
News24, 18 April

Kenyans in China cry for help as they face stigma
Daily Nation, 11 April

Kenya’s slums are a haven for viruses: here’s what we know
The Conversation, 05 April

‘Killing in the name of corona’: death toll soars from Kenya’s curfew crackdown
The Washington Post, 16 April

Law enforcers kill and brutalist during SA lockdown
New Frame, 07 April

Libya: Coronavirus outbreak could be ‘catastrophic’ for migrants
Al Jazeera, 04 April

Libya: humanitarian crisis worsening amid deepening conflict and COVID-19 threat
UNHCR, 03 April

Life in lockdown: Poverty keeps informal settlements residents from staying home
News24, 03 April

‘Life now is so difficult’: Food prices rocket amid DRC lockdown
Al Jazeera, 17 April

Lockdown: A quarter of South Africans have no money for food – survey
News24, 26 April

Lockdowns’ effects are political. Restrictions on the poor always are.
African Arguments, 20 April

Lockdown: Gauteng govt gives 120 000 families food hampers
News24, 20 April

Lockdown heroes feed hungry kids
Mail & Guardian, 02 April

Lockdown: Humanitarian groups call for more funds towards essential food items
News24, 04 April

Lockdown: Informal settlement dwellers feel the pinch as 2-week extension kicks in
News24, 16 April

Lockdown laws draconian, excessive
The Zimbabwe Independent, 03 April

Lockdown leaves ‘piecemeal workers’ hungry and afraid
News24, 20 April

LOCKDOWN: Nigerians groan as food prices rise
Vanguard, 05 April

Lockdown: Street vendor says she can now feed family of 17 under relaxed regulations
News24, 06 April

Lockdown: The number of people going hungry in Gauteng has doubled
News24, 14 April

Lockdown: We want food, kids chant as Mitchells Plain residents protest
News24, 14 April

Lockdown: Workers face uncertain future
The Zimbabwe Independent, 04 April

Locked-down farmers fear starvation
Mail & Guardian, 23 April

Looters escape with cash registers, money, groceries after hitting Cape Town supermarket
News24, 14 April

Maize, egg prices rise on Uganda border
Business Daily Africa, 09 April

Marketing your produce during COVID-19 crisis
Daily Nation, 04 April

Merciless evictions continue in Durban
New Frame, 08 April

Millions face hunger as African cities impose coronavirus lockdowns
National Post, 16 April

‘My children are starving’ – Waste pickers fear starvation and poverty during lockdown
News24, 15 April

NGOs pivot to COVID-19 prevention in refugee camps
Inter Press Service News Agency, 07 April

Nigeria: How coronavirus lockdown Is affecting Nigeria’s food systems
allAfrica, 13 April

Nigeria: Maintaining Food Security
allAfrica, 23 April

Nigeria’s elite ‘above the law’ as the poor struggle with COVID-19 measures
Global Voices, 02 April

Nigeria: rice farmers assure Nigerians of rice supply during lockdown
allAfrica, 01 April

‘No risk yet’ to SA’s rice and wheat imports
Independent Online, 14 April

Nyeri philanthropist promoting urban agriculture to enhance food security
Kenya News Agency, 23 April

Of protests and polls: Malawi’s very political pandemic
African Arguments, 21 April

Old age grants hold together many a household
Daily Maverick, 15 April

One size fits all? Why lockdowns might not be Africa’s best bet.
African Arguments, 22 April

OPINION: Extrusion – one of the solutions for the looming humanitarian food crisis during COVID-19
News24, 05 April

‘Our people need to eat. They need to earn a living’ – Ramaphosa
Fin24, 23 April

Over 100,000 Nakuru residents to benefit from new food and medical relief supplies voucher system
Kenya News Agency, 23 April

‘People are crying out for help’ – charity relies on grace, kindness to help feed the hungry
News24, 22 April

People are desperate and turning to crime to make a living, say experts
Times Live, 17 April

Photographing poverty’s pandemic: ‘It’s a different beast in South Africa’
The Guardian, 13 April

Police water cannons used to fumigate Harare
The Herald, 04 April

Provinces brace for ‘thinning’ of settlements in COVID-19 fight
Times Live, 05 April

Provinces give Sisulu’s mass relocation plan the cold shoulder
Times Live, 12 April

Ramaphosa addresses hunger and social distress with massive financial boost
Daily Maverick, 22 April

Ramaphosa, please increase the child support grant for the next 6 months
Independent Online, 15 April

SA lockdown: Coercing the poor, coddling the rich?
Mail & Guardian, 20 April

Securing food systems and trade in Zambia during the COVID-19 pandemic
Indaba Agricultural Policy Research Institute, April 2020

Senegal’s street children among those most at risk for COVID-19
VOA News, 09 April

Should we be worried about wheat supplies?
Fin24, 23 April

Sidla imbuya ngothi (We are very poor): Child Support Grants and COVID-19
Daily Maverick, 20 April

Social protection responses to the COVID-19 lockdown in South Africa
The Conversation, 06 April

Solidarity fund ‘overwhelmed’ by calls for hunger help
Daily Maverick, 23 April

Solidarity Fund to roll out food relief for vulnerable households
Business Day, 09 April

South Africa’s response to COVID-19 worsens the plight of waste reclaimers
The Conversation, 01 April

South Sudan fears for food security as COVID-19 hits world’s poorest country
Crux, 25 April

Soweto suburbs are worlds apart as life changes under lockdown
Times Live, 05 April

Spaza shops grateful regulations were relaxed but say ‘we are still struggling’
News24, 05 April

Spaza shop owners in Port Elizabeth fear police raids
New Frame, 08 April

Special COVID-19 grants for informal sector and infrastructure
New Era Live, 10 April

State bans unplanned food distribution after Kibra chaos
Standard Media, 11 April

State should ensure every Kenyan has food during this difficult time
Standard Media, 10 April

Strand Hotel and PnP Namibia bring hope amidst COVID-19 lockdown
New Era Live, 08 April

Sundays River Valley ill-equipped for COVID-19
New Frame, 07 April

Surrendering Africa to this scourge means it will never be controlled
Independent.ie, 13 April

Survey reveals worst hit sector
Standard Media, 10 April

The biggest lockdown threat: Hunger, hunger, everywhere
MSN/Daily Maverick, 17 April

The global crisis is just starting to affect Africa
Mail & Guardian, 17 April

The impact of COVID-19 on the Ghanaian agri-food system and food supply chain: How can Ghana take advantage of this ‘Blessing in Disguise’
Modern Ghana, 09 April

The impact of the lockdown on food prices
Daily Maverick, 21 April

The impact of South Africa’s lockdown on the spread of COVID-19
Daily Maverick, 09 April

Thousands of food parcels for families in need
Maverick Citizen, 03 April

Tiger Brands coronavirus closure may just be the first, chamber warns
Fin24, 16 April

Townships in lockdown — but poor South Africans fear hunger more than COVID-19
The Times, 17 April

Trade within Africa will help maintain food security through the pandemic, FAO says
Devex, 23 April

Trucks delivering food parcels ambushed and looted in Bonteheuwel
Daily Maverick, 20 April

Ugandan officials arrested for inflating relief food prices
The East African, 09 April

UN seeks $21 million for food security in Zimbabwe amid lockdown
VOA News, 02 April

UN warns mass hunger facing West Africa will worsen as coronavirus takes hold
VOA News, 02 April

UNHCR stepping up coronavirus prevention measures for displaced across East, Horn and Great Lakes region of Africa
UNHCR, 07 April

Violence and looting point to food crisis in S. Africa lockdown
France24, 18 April

Virus choking off supply of what Africa needs most: Food
Midland Reporter Telegram, 15 April

Waste pickers reclaim their power
Mail & Guardian, 08 April

We are fighting over hot pies while children have no food
News24, 20 April

We can use technology to distribute Covid-19 relief food
Daily Nation, 15 April

‘We have nothing’: as lockdown bites, migrants in Tunisia feel the pinch
The Guardian, 16 April

We’ll close down markets if traders fail to practice social distancing
My News Ghana, 05 April

Western Cape govt calls for Sassa to reopen some offices as food protests escalate
News24, 16 April

‘We will starve’: Zimbabwe’s poor full of misgiving over COVID-19 lockdown
The Guardian, 03 April

What policy interventions have been implemented to support SA agriculture?
Daily Maverick, 20 April

Why COVID-19 is another blow for Kenya’s food security
The Conversation, 20 April

Will COVID-19 derail the African country?
Project Syndicate, 07 April

You can now send a Shoprite grocery voucher straight to someone’s phone
Business Insider South Africa, 06 April

Zimbabwe fears returnees will rev up coronavirus spread
The EastAfrican, 05 April

Zimbabwe’s shattered economy poses a serious challenge to fighting COVID-19
The Conversation, 12 April

MARCH 2020

Africa: Keeping people fed in a time of COVID-19 lockdowns
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As COVID-19 cases increase, Kenyans flee cities, seeking safety
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As the coronavirus arrives in Africa, fragile economies are bracing for the worst
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Case of public violence opened against protesting FS healthcare workers
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Coronavirus prevention measures turn violent in parts of Africa as nations go into lockdown
Time, 28 March

Coronavirus: no major concern for global food security yet
TheAfricaReport, 27 March

COVID-19 could kill millions in Africa without immediate action: UN chief
RFI, 28 March

COVID-19 lockdowns threaten Africa’s vital informal urban food trade
IFPRI Blog, 31 March

COVID-19 measures, daily laborers and their nutrition 
Blog – Analysis, 23 March

COVID-19 poses extreme threat to people shackled in Nigeria
Human Rights Watch, 30 March

COVID-19 scare: Transport hurdles, labour scarcity to hit supply of fruit, vegetables
The Economic Times, 25 March

COVID-19: Security forces will ensure compliance to contain COVID-19 spread
FAAPA, 28 March

COVID-19 virus spread prompts food insecurity fears in Africa
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COVID-19: “We can’t stay inside when we have no toilets”
GroundUp, 31 March

Crisis sees Cape Town suburbs reach across the great social divide
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Death and distress at social grant payout points
Maverick Citizen, 31 March

Developing countries face economic collapse in COVID-19 fight: UN
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Ensuring that hunger goes not kill more people than COVID-19 in Africa
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Fighting COVID-19 in Africa will be different
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Fighting COVID-19: Will SA’s lockdown work (and what does that mean)?
Daily Maverick, 31 March

Food crisis could hit after battle against COVID-19 is won
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Food security a priority during lockdown – Didiza
Jacarandafm, 24 March

Food supply secure, but exporting farmers in for tough time amid COVID-19
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Game, Makro and associated retailers freeze prices for essentials during lockdown
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Government will give spaza shops money – but they must register with SARS
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How coronavirus will affect SA’s food supply
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How COVID-19 impacts food security in SSA
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How will COVID-19 affect Africa’s food systems?
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‘How will we survive?’: health woes deepen Zimbabwe COVID-19 fear
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Infected: the impact of the coronavirus on the Middle East and North Africa
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Kenya assures of food security despite COVID-19 pandemic
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Lest we forget the informal sector during COVID-19
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Lockdown responses, from farm workers to sex workers to civil society
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Lockdown: They’re riding around the country hunting the poor and vulnerable
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Namib Mills Responds to food security concerns amid COVID-19
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New front: Worry over COVID-19 spreading in African refugee camps
Al Jazeera, 29 March

Panic buying may disrupt SA’s food supply system
The Star, 25 March

Panic buying underscores South Africa’s inequalities
University of Cape Town, 23 March

Replicating global responses to COVID-19 many not work for Africa
Institute for Security Studies, 30 March

South African Jesuit: Informal settlements ‘perfect storm’ for COVID-19
CRUX – taking the Catholic Pulse, 24 March

South African police fire rubber bullets at shoppers amid lockdown
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State seeks to ensure food security in COVID-19 war
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Sudan Key Message Update: Sudan imposes transportation limits amid COVID-19 outbreak and large food security crisis, March 2020
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Surviving COVID-19: fragility, resilience and inequality in Zimbabwe
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The dark past of SA’s armed forces casts a shadow over their lockdown actions
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The lockdown regulations are not a ban on all informal traders
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Two Shoprite stores closed for violating coronavirus safety regulations
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Virus revives Africa’s food supply, falling number of farmers fears
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Ways to protect food system amid COVID-19 pandemic
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‘We don’t work, we don’t eat’: Informal workers face stark choices as Africa’s largest megacity shuts down
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‘We’ll die of hunger first’: despair as Zimbabwe lockdown begins
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We Ugandans are used to lockdowns and poor healthcare. But we’re terrified.
The Guardian, 29 March



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Pandemic tests resilience of islands’ food supply chains
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Populists Inflame the Coronavirus Outbreak Across Latin America
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The Perfect Brazilian Storm
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UPDATE 1-Carrefour Brasil sees e-commerce pick-up; shares jump after results
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JUNE 2020

Agribusiness grows in pandemic, becomes more attractive
ANBA, 05 June

Amazon poor go hungry as Brazil slashes social safety net, cuts forests: Study
Mongabay, 11 June

Chile Renews State Of Catastrophe For 90 More Days Amid COVID-19 Crisis
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Coronavirus Outbreaks at Border Put Haitian Migrants at Risk
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Coronavirus update: Global death toll tops 380,000 as Brazil records biggest one-day increase since start of outbreak
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COVID-19 Is Hitting Brazil’s Indigenous People Hard, With Tragic Implications for Climate Change
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Feeding the people in times of Pandemic: The Food Sovereignty Approach in Nicaragua
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Haiti’s Stability in Peril without Strong Response to COVID-19, Legal Expert Tells Security Council
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It’s Covid Code Red in Latin America With No Signs of Peaking
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It’s Not Just Covid That Has Hondurans Starving. It’s Also U.S. Policy.
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Scientists rush to defend Venezuelan colleagues threatened over coronavirus study
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Venezuela: Humanitarians rapidly scale up response to the COVID-19 pandemic
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Virus ‘hunger pandemic’ threatens Latin America: UN
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‘We’re invisible’: Peru’s moment of reckoning on informal workers
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MAY 2020

A continent divided: How COVID-19 will change the face of South America
Cherwell, 15 May

Argentina cordons off virus-hit slum as critics decry ‘ghettoes for poor people’
The Guardian, 27 May

As Covid-19 crisis grows, Latin America’s basic ecclesial communities step up to help
America Magazine, 04 May

As COVID-19 takes off in Latin America, Amazon indigenous groups fear the worst
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At least 14 million people could go hungry in Latin America due to coronavirus: UN
Global News, 28 May

Brazil chicken exports fall yet prospects good due to China, halal market
Financial Post, 11 May

Brazil deaths may surpass 125,000 by August: Coronavirus updates
Al Jazeera, 26 May

Brazil is the epicenter of the COVID-19 pandemic in Latin America. Rural communities have it worse.
America Magazine, 27 May

Brazil now 2nd to US in world in COVID cases
ABC News, 22 May

Brazil’s pork exports increase with 28.4% despite pandemic
Pig Progress, 22 May

Brazil Reports Record Number of COVID-19 Cases & Over 1,000 Deaths Within 24 Hours
Democracy Now, 29 May

Brazilian Mayor Fears “Genocide” from COVID-19, Accuses Bolsonaro of “Crime Against Humanity”
Democracy Now, 21 May

Brazilian poultry exports grow 5.1% despite Covid-19
Poultry World, 18 May

Chilean food exports weather Covid-19 storm
Eurofruit, 07 May

Chile’s hospitals under strain as cases near 70,000: Live updates
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COVID-19 and CARICOM Food Security
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COVID-19 compounds a long list of problems in Guatemala
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Disease Is Ravaging the $25 Billion Banana Industry
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Economic Emergency Follows COVID-19 Tragedy in Ecuador
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Ecuador Grapples with Food Sovereignty
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FACTBOX 5/19/20: Latin America moves to mitigate impact of COVID-19
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FACTBOX 5/26/20: Latin America moves to mitigate impact of COVID-19
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Farmers in El Salvador adapt livelihoods to the new realities of COVID-19
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Guatemala angry over coronavirus-infected deportees: Live updates
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Guatemala’s white flags indicate pandemic’s deadly side-effect: hunger
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Latin America named virus new epicenter
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‘Perfect storm’: Haiti COVID-19 peak set to collide with hurricanes
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Peru coronavirus cases surge past 100,000: Live updates
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South America a new COVID epicenter, Africa reaches 100,000 cases
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South America at centre of pandemic, says WHO – as it happened
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Strikes and protests by Brazilian nurses amid explosion of COVID-19 cases
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Venezuela health system ‘grossly unprepared’ for COVID-19 crisis
Al Jazeera, 26 May

Venezuela’s Apparent Respite from COVID-19 May Not Last Long
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‘We’re all on death row now’: Latin America’s prisons reel from Covid-19
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World Bank Helps Haiti Alleviate Food Insecurity During Covid-19 Pandemic
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APRIL 2020
A pandemic quiets mariachis and tourism in Mexico City
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Colombian farmers donate zinc rice to coronavirus-stricken cartagena
CGIAR, 09 April

Coronavirus pain: Declining US consumer demand hurts Mexico
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Ecuador city runs out of coffins amid COVID-19 crisis
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Ecuador is a grisly sign of how COVID-19 will devastate the global south
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Honduras aims to ensure food supply with plantings on unoccupied land
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In Northern Triangle, rising food insecurity tests NGO adaptability
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Pandemic upends lives of Latin America’s domestic workers
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Paraguayans go hungry as coronavirus lockdown ravages livelihoods
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“People are dying in the streets”: Ecuador struggles to cope with COVID-19 as cases skyrocket
Democracy Now, 08 April

Returning Venezuelans in squalid quarantine face uncertain future
The Guardian, 16 April

Rio’s favelas count the cost as deadly spread of COVID-19 hits city’s poor
The Guardian, 25 April

Venezuelans return home as coronavirus piles more misery on migrants
The Guardian, 12 April

MARCH 2020

Brazil’s peak soybean export season collides with COVID-19
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Coronavirus and food security in the Caribbean
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Coronavirus: food for the poor responds to urgent requests
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COVID-19’s warning about supply chains, food security and Bernard Lodge
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Five ways that COVID-19 has changed what food insecurity looks like in the Caribbean
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‘I can’t stop’: In vast informal economy, pandemic adds to pressure
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IICA Director: regional food security at stake in COVID-19 crisis
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Member states to boost food production to lessen COVID-19 impact
CARICOM at work, 23 March

Revisiting food security amidst COVID-19 pandemic 
The Jamaica Gleaner, 29 March

SVG to launch COVID-19 Food Security and Impact Mitigation Plan
St Lucia News, 13 March

Venezuelan migrants “struggling to survive” amid COVID-19
The Lancet, 28 March




Activists protest against total closure in Lebanon
Arab News, 18 November

Food crisis deepens in Afghanistan with 42% of the population now facing acute hunger
Relief Web, 12 November

Palestinians Hits by COVID-19, but They Have Greater Things to Worry About
Haaretz, 02 November

Yemen Situation Update
Relief Web, 11 November

JULY 2020

Complex Impact of COVID-19 on Food Security in Iraq
MENAFN, 03 July

COVID-19: 97 medical staff die from virus as humanitarian crisis worsens in Yemen
Euro News, 25 July

Lebanon, Iraq, and Syria: sinking together?
MDC, 27 July

UAE Buys Thousands of Uruguay Dairy Cows to Boost Food Security
BNN Bloomberg, 05 July

United Nations agencies sound alarm over food shortage crisis expected in Yemen
Global News, 25 July

JUNE 2020

A Package Full of Misery for the Iranian Economy
Iran Focus, 13 June

Bangladesh faces a crisis in remittances amid COVID-19
The European Sting, 17 June

Canada pledges $40M to ‘avert catastrophe’ in Yemen
CBC, 02 June

Civil War, Starvation, And COVID-19: Yemen’s Fate Now Heavily Dependent On Its Local Proxies
The Organization for World Peace, 22 June

COVID-19: An additional three million children in Afghanistan need help to survive in 2020, warns Save the Children
Save the Children, 11 June

Covid-19 and Migrant Workers: The great wage robbery
The Daily Star, 16 June

COVID-19 deepens the crisis in war-torn Yemen
Mail & Guardian, 08 June

Covid-19 has squeezed migrants’ remittances to their families
Economist, 15 June

Covid-19: IOM calls for supporting migrants, remittance-dependent communities
The Daily Star, 16 June

Fear of remittance flow hitting historic low
Dhaka Tribune, 16 June

India’s Coronavirus Migration Crisis
Daily JSTOR, 17 June

In Yemen, families suffer as COVID-19 dries up money from abroad
The New Humanitarian, 16 June

Iran marks new daily record in coronavirus cases: Live updates
Al Jazeera, 04 June

Iran: Signs of New Protests Against Rise in Prices
Asharq Al-Awsat, 15 June

Migrants, families need help now more than ever
The Daily Star, 17 June

Qatar achieves miraculous progress in food security: official
Gulf Times, 07 June

Saudi Arabia Continues Proactive Development Measures In Yemen During COVID-19 Pandemic
Stockhouse, 03 June

Saudi Food Security Safely Overcomes Repercussions of COVID-19
Asharq Al-Awsat, 23 June

The fight against COVID-19: helping save lives in Yemen
Government of Germany, 02 June

UN Food Agency Calls for Aid to Prevent Another Syria Exodus
The New York Times, 25 June

MAY 2020

10 Arab Countries Shared their Lessons Learned in Preparing & Responding to COVID -19 During their Participation in UNDRR ROAS Webinar
UNDRR, 28 May

Afghanistan distributes free bread as prices soar amid coronavirus
National Post, 05 May

Assad attempts to weaponize COVID-19 in Syria
The Hill, 27 May

Coronavirus could kill 190,000 in Africa, WHO warns: Live updates
Al Jazeera, 07 May

Coronavirus: UAE steps up local production and trade partnerships amid outbreak
The National, 19 May

COVID-19 in Qatar: Government says sufficient food and consumer goods for one year
Food Navigator Asia, 06 May

COVID-19 Poses Formidable Threat for Fragile States in the Middle East and North Africa
International Monetary Fund, 13 May

COVID-19 Tunnel Vision in Arabia: Yemen’s Regional Crisis in the Midst of a Global Pandemic
Wilson Center, 27 May

E-commerce in Saudi Arabia: Food sales surge amid COVID-19 pandemic
Food Navigator Asia, 06 May

Food crisis likely to worsen in the Middle East and North Africa as COVID-19 continues [EN/AR]
Reliefweb, 27 May

Food security in the time of coronavirus: A Eurasianet briefing
Eurasianet, 07 May

How Covid-19 is honing Kuwait’s focus on food security
Oxford Business Group, 04 May

Lockdowns prompt further food insecurity in war-torn countries
Daily Sabah, 18 May

Middle East fears a coronavirus surge amid Eid celebrations
The Guardian, 24 May

New lockdown in Iran after coronavirus spike: Live updates
Al Jazeera, 10 May

Palestinian Authority eases lockdown measures as coronavirus cases decline
The Irish Times, 29 May

Pandemic curdles Saudi Arabia’s plans to exit oil economy
Business Day, 21 May

Saudi Arabia sets $533 million for agriculture imports
Middle East Monitor, 06 May

Turkey’s food supply not threatened by COVID-19 pandemic, UN says
Daily Sabah, 07 May

UN urges US$2.4 billion to help Yemen cope with war and virus
CTV News, 29 May

Yemen: Coronavirus transmission likely widespread, decimating ‘collapsed’ health system, UN warns
UN News, 22 May

Yemen could face ‘catastrophic’ food situation as pandemic worsens: FAO
The Chronicle Herald, 18 May

Yemen’s Saudi-backed government pleads for coronavirus aid
The Chronicle Herald, 18 May

APRIL 2020

Coronavirus ‘disaster in the making’ in war-torn Syria
Al Jazeera, 13 April

Coronavirus fears terrify and impoverish migrants in the Persian Gulf
The New York Times, 13 April

Coronavirus | Indian labourers in GCC countries are in dire need of help, say experts
The Hindu, 11 April

Coronavirus pandemic threatens to plunge millions in Arab region into poverty and food insecurity
UN News, 01 April

COVID-19 concerns: UAE assures citizens of six-month food supply and import objectives
Food Navigator Asia, 08 April

COVID-19 in UAE: Fresh food markets and confectionery stores resume business after weeks of closure
Food Navigator Asia, 24 April

Don’t pay heed to whispers about food shortages
Gulf News, 08 April

Dubai’s intense COVID-19 lockdown requires an exhaustive police permit to go outside
Business Insider, 12 April

Gulf’s migrant workers left stranded and struggling by coronavirus outbreak
National Post, 14 April

‘I’m trapped’: the UAE migrant workers left stranded by COVID-19 job losses
The Guardian, 20 April

Migrant workers bear brunt of coronavirus pandemic in Gulf
The Guardian, 19 April

Migrant workers in cramped Gulf dorms fear infection
The Economist, 23 April

Mitigating the impact of COVID-19: Poverty and food insecurity in the Arab region
ReliefWeb, 01 April

Pakistan starts repatriating UAE-based nationals stranded by coronavirus
National Post, 19 April

Spaza shop owners in Delft clear out amid looting fears
Times Live, 22 April

Syrian refugees adapt to life under coronavirus lockdown in Jordan camps
UNHRC, 02 April

UAE enacts law regulating food stockpiles
MENAFN, 01 April

Virus, expats and Ramadan stress test food security in Gulf
Bloomberg Quint, 16 April 

MARCH 2020

Fresh From Iran’s Coronavirus Zone, Now Moving Across Afghanistan
The New York Times, 26 March

Human Rights Watch worried for health and safety of migrants in Persian Gulf region
VOA News, 31 March



JULY 2020

Italy extends state of emergency over coronavirus: Live updates
Aljazeera, 28 July

JUNE 2020

Italy reports 43 new deaths from novel coronavirus
Anadolu Agency, 17 June

The impact of the quarantine on the Italian fresh-cut segment
Horti Daily, 08 June

MAY 2020

Coronavirus: Italy’s undeclared workers turn to food banks as jobs dry up during lockdown
Euronews, 22 May

The rushed easing of lockdown measures could devastate Italy
Al Jazeera, 29 May

APRIL 2020

‘A beautiful thing’: African migrants getting healthy food to Italians
The Guardian, 01 April

Mafia distributes food to Italy’s struggling residents
The Guardian, 10 April

Masks, meals and Skype: self-isolating in Sicily – a photo essay
The Guardian, 03 April

Why the mafia are taking care of everyone’s business
The Guardian, 25 April

MARCH 2020

COVID-19 and closed borders: Italy’s agriculture at risk
Worldcrunch, 25 March

COVID-19 lockdown in Italy brings critical promotion season to a standstill
Olive Oil Times, 11 March

Farmers call for measures to secure food production as COVID-19 crisis bites
EURACTIV, 19 March

FAO hand in hand with Italy in the fight against COVID-19
FAO, 23 March

Italy’s poultry industry paying high price for COVID-19
WATTAgNet, 13 March

Italy sets aside €400m for food vouchers as social unrest mounts
The Guardian, 29 March