Publications: Presentations

Informal Urban Agriculture Practices in Nanjing, China

Jennifer Marshman and Steffanie Scott

2015, International Conference on Chinese and African Sustainable Urbanization, Ottawa

Predisposing Vulnerability: How Infrastructure Access Determines Household Vulnerability to Food Insecurity in Maputo, Mozambique

Cameron McCordic

2015, Conference of Commonwealth Geographical Bureau, Kingston, Jamaica

The Possible Impact of the BRICS Partnership on Major Cities and Urbanization in Member Countries

Edgar Pieterse

2015, Conference on The Brics Partnership And Multilevel Governance In Member Countries: An Unexplored Dimension, University of the Western Cape, Cape Town.

The Contemporary African City

Edgar Pieterse

2015, ANTIPODE 5th Institute for Geographies of Justice Symposium, Wits University, Johannesburg

Public Culture and Urban Multiplicities

Edgar Pieterse

2015, Academy of Superdiversity, Max-Planck Institute, Berlin.

Africa’s Urban Imperative: Imagination

Edgar Pieterse

2015, International New Town Institute Conference on Urban Africa: New Strategies for the World’s Fastest Urbanizing Continent, Rotterdam.

Climate Change and Food Insecurity in the City of Maputo, Mozambique

Inês Raimundo

2015, Conference of Commonwealth Geographical Bureau, Kingston, Jamaica.

Gender Hates Men: Untangling Gender and Development Discourses in Food Security

Liam Riley

2015, Canadian Association of African Studies Conference, Ottawa.

Urban Informal Food Systems in Sub-Saharan Africa and the Geographies of Urban Poverty

Liam Riley

2015, Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting, Chicago, Illinois.

The Spatial Politics of Street Vending in Blantyre, Malawi

Liam Riley

2015, Department of Geography, Memorial University of Newfoundland, St John’s, Newfoundland.