Publications: Hungry Cities Policy Briefs

HCP Policy Brief No. 3: Devising Urban Food Security Policy for African Cities

James Sgro

Informal food services are one of the few options for financially disadvantaged families. Food access policy needs to be created in partnership with informal economy actors to ensure that those who rely on informal systems are not ignored.  As household size increases, the likelihood of food insecurity grows exponentially. Adequate social protection programs are required…

HCP Policy Brief No. 2: An Urban Perspective on Food Security in the Global South

Michael Chong, Lucy Hinton, Jeremy Wagner and Amy Zavitz

The global food security policy community should reorient its actions on food security in the Global South to consider the urban food consumer. Since it is currently working with value chains in rural areas, we recommend that this view is extended into urban areas. Specifically, global and multilateral actors and national and local governments need…

HCP Policy Brief No. 1: The SDGs, Food Security and Urbanization in the Global South

David Celis Parra, Krista Dinsmore, Nicole Fassina and Charlene Keizer

As governments develop policies to achieve SDG 2 in rapidly urbanizing countries, the need to pay particular attention to the role of the informal economy, non-food issues, pro-poor pricing structures and healthy food consumption patterns will increase. The case studies in Mexico, China, Kenya and India have highlighted important food security challenges facing urban dwellers…