Publications: Hungry Cities Papers

HCP Discussion Paper No. 2: Approaching Sustainable Urban Development in China through a Food System Planning Lens

Zhenzhong Si & Steffanie Scott

After more than two decades of rapid urbanization, Chinese cities now face severe sustainability chal- lenges in terms of balancing economic viability, social justice, and environmental protection goals. While various types of planning have long been adopted to cope with these challenges, food as a centrepiece of daily life and of social and economic activity…

HCP Discussion Paper No. 1: Hungry Cities of the Global South

Jonathan Crush

The recent inclusion of an urban Sustainable Development Goal in the Post-2015 UN Development Agenda represents an important acknowledgement of the reality of global urbanization and the many social, economic, infrastructural and political challenges posed by the human transition to a predomi- nantly urban world. However, while the SDG provides goals for housing, transportation, land…