Publications: Book Chapters

Goal 11: Make Cities and Human Settlements Inclusive, Safe, Resilient and Sustainable

Susan Parnell

2015. In ICSU, ISSC Review of the Sustainable Development Goals: The Science Perspective (Paris: International Council for Science),  pp. 53-57. Cities are hubs for ideas, commerce, culture, science, productivity, social development and much more. At their best, cities have enabled people to advance socially and economically. However, many challenges exist to maintaining cities in a way…

Reaching for Adaptive Urbanism

Edgar Pieterse

2015. In J. Holm and M. Kallehauge (eds.), Africa. Architecture. Culture. Identity (Louisiana: Louisiana Museum of Modern Art). Through a number of projects spread over the African continent the exhibition tells a story of the new architecture of different regions – with its various proposals for accommodating local traditions, strengthen the existing ones and create solutions for the future. The…

Gendering Urban Food Systems Across Multiple Scales

Liam Riley and Alice Hovorka

2015. In H. De Zeeuw and P. Drechsel (eds.), Cities and Agriculture: Developing Resilient Urban Food Systems (London: Routledge), pp. 336-357. As people increasingly migrate to urban settings and more than half of the world’s population now lives in cities, it is vital to plan and provide for sustainable and resilient food systems which reflect this…

Africa’s Urban Imperative

Edgar Pieterse

2015. In M. Provoost (ed.), Cape Town: Densification as a Cure for a Segregated City (Rotterdam: International New Town Institute). Twenty years after democracy, Cape Town suffers from extensive urban sprawl, due to the legacy of the Apartheid spatial policy and the middle class ideal of single-family homes on individual plots of land. Sprawl is causing…

Institutions, Decentralisation and Urban Development

Edgar Pieterse and Warren Smit

2014. In S. Kayizzi-Mugerwa, A. Shimeles and D. Yeméogo (eds.), Urbanization and Socio-Economic Development in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities (New York and London: Routledge). The main goal of this book is to put urbanization and its challenges squarely on Africa’s development agenda. Planned urbanization can improve living conditions for the majority, help in the expansion of…

Pushing Against the Frontiers of Urban Studies in (South) Africa

Edgar Pieterse

2014, In Alexis Kalagas (ed.) Slumlab: Made in Africa (Zurich: ETH University).

Citizenship, Design Activism and Informal Settlements Upgrading

Edgar Pieterse & Mirjam van Donk

2014, In SACN, From Housing to Human Settlements: Perspectives on South African Cities (Johannesburg: South African Cities Network). This chapter sets out ways in which to think about the role of design in relation to informal settlement upgrading and how it can bolster active citizenship. it explores the inter-connections and overlaps between three discourses/practices: participatory…

Sub-Saharan African Urbanization and Global Environmental Change

Susan Parnell & Ruwani Walawege

2014, In Susan Parnell and Edgar Pieterse (eds.), Africa’s Urban Revolution (London: Zed Books). Abstract Scientific evidence for global environmental change in Africa presents a prima facia case for increased human migration and displacement. Closer scrutiny of the evidence on demographic change, however, suggests that migration and displacement are less important variables in explaining the…

Conceptualising the Built Environment: Accounting for Southern Urban Complexities

Susan Parnell

2014, In Susan Parnell and Sophie Oldfield (eds.), A Routledge Handbook on Cities of the Global South (London: Routledge).

Tackling Barriers to Climate Change Adaptation in South African Coastal Cities

Gina Ziervogel & Susan Parnell

2014, In Bruce Glavovic and Gavin Smith (eds.), Adapting to Climate Change: Lessons from Natural Hazards Planning (London: Springer). Buy this chapter. Cities are starting to develop policies and plans to adapt to the impacts of climate change. As these policies and plans are implemented, the barriers and opportunities of adaptation in practice are starting…