Publications: Book Chapters


Edgar Pieterse

2015, In Ronan Paddison and Tom Hutton (eds.), Cities and Economic Change: Restructuring and Dislocation in the Global Metropolis (Los Angeles: Sage).

Poverty and “The City”

Susan Parnell

2015, In Charlotte Lemanski and Colin Marx (eds.), The City in Urban Poverty (London: Palgrave Macmillan). Abstract The twenty-first century is the first truly urban epoch. However, the well-circulated graphs that reveal the inexorable urban transition of past and future decades are only part of the story. Accompanying the headline demographic message, that this is…

Fostering Transformative Climate Adaptation and Mitigation in the African City: Opportunities and Constraints of Urban Planning

Susan Parnell

2015, In Stephan Pauleit et al (eds.), Urban Vulnerability and Climate Change in Africa: A Multidisciplinary Approach (London: Springer). Abstract Mainstreaming climate resilient strategy into the systems of urban design, construction and management has to take seriously both climate adaptation and mitigation in shifting the practices of urban planning if the interests of the urban…

Transspecies Urban Theory: Chickens in an African City

Alice Hovorka

2015, In Jonathan Darling and Helen Wilson (eds.), Encountering the City (Aldershot UK: Ashgate). Abstract New cultural animal geography offers conceptual tools for a reinterpretation of urbanization in Africa. This article applies transspecies urban theory to the existing literature on urban livestock in the developing world, as well as a case study of chickens in…

Building Sustainable Communities Through Alternative Food Systems

Alison Blay-Palmer and Irena Knezevic

2015, In Guy Robinson, G. and Doris Carson (eds.), Handbook on the Globalisation of Agriculture (Cheltenham, UK: Edward Elgar Publishing). Abstract Food provides a meaningful lens to create and build more sustainable communities. Given the challenges currently facing humanity it offers a shared basis for transformation. It can act as a platform for social equity,…

Food Systems and the City

Alison Blay-Palmer and Karen Landman

2015, In Pierre Filion, Markus Moos, Tara Vinodrai and Ryan Walker (eds.), Canadian Cities in Transition: 5th Edition (Toronto: Oxford University Press).  

Urban Scale Food System Governance: An Alternative Response to the Dominant Paradigm?

Gareth Haysom

2015, In A. Allen, A. Lampis and M. Swilling (eds), Untamed Urbanisms. (London: Routledge), pp 76-88.

The Philippi Fresh Produce Market: Misunderstood Development?

Gareth Haysom

2015, In Mercy Brown-Luthango (ed.), State/Society Synergy in Philippi, Cape Town (Cape Town: African Centre for Cities) & Mercy Brown-Luthango (ed.), Local Development in Poor, Marginalised Areas in Cities of the South (Cape Town: ACC).

Food Security Amongst Urban Households

Jane Battersby

2015. In S. Fukudu-Parr and V. Taylor (eds.), Food Security in South Africa: Human Rights and Entitlement Perspectives (Cape Town: UCT Press), pp. 97-119. The right to food is guaranteed in South Africa’s Constitution as it is in international law. Yet food insecurity remains widespread and persistent, at levels much higher than in countries with similar…

Food Security as a Lens on the Lived Experience of Poverty in Philippi

Jane Battersby

2015. In M. Brown-Luthango (ed.), State/Society Synergy in Philippi (Cape Town: African Centre for Cities), pp. 94-117. A city is what it eats. Food is central to the health, culture, economy and experience of urban areas and their citizens. And yet, this vital lens to understand our cities is often neglected. This chapter draws on the data set generated from the…